Growth Spurt

Luke has been a whole different person today. It actually started last night and has continued through the day. He appears to be incredibly hungry, he won’t stop being fussy and he’s been awake pretty much all day. Apparently right about this time (between 5 and 6 weeks) babies go through a pretty big developmental leap. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening here. Little man’s world is changing and he isn’t quite sure about what is happening, so he is trying to stick with the familiar…….being held by mommy, eating and cuddling. Unfortunately it didn’t involve much sleep so mommy and baby have been up for hours and I haven’t gotten much done. 

While we were at the grocery store this old man tried to touch my baby while I was holding him. I turned so the guy couldn’t put his nasty old hands on my baby. He seriously had just coughed into a Kleenex and put it in his pocket……why would he think it ok to touch my child? It’s not like I would have wakes up and touched him. I discovered how truly not okay I am with other people touching/holding/looking at my child. I know how dumb I sound right now. The only people outside of my husband and me that I am okay with holding Luke are my parents and siblings and my husbands mom and siblings. Anybody else (unless I specifically say it’s ok) really sets me off. How do you handle people wanting to touch/hold your baby without your consent? 

One last thing: my replacement pump came in the mail the other day. I am so excited but I don’t have the time to put it all together and get the one that isn’t working all packed up and shipped back. I have very little faith in the Medela pump and am going to try out the ameda one my sister gave me (with new tube sand flanges). I was able to pump 2 ounces earlier today though 🙂


7 thoughts on “Growth Spurt

  1. The first time we really left the house with Charlie I went to get some nursing bras at the dept store (an exercise in futility because no one had my size) and chief was going to walk around the mall with her. She was like four weeks old and I threatened him with death if he let anyone so much as breathe too close to her.


  2. Oh the leap weeks can be hard. Lots of holding, feeding cuddling and not much else. Rest assured, it’s the same for everyone so you aren’t alone. People are so weird – they seem to think touching babies and pregnant women is a-ok. That the usual rules for personal space do not apply. Weirdness.

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  3. I’m uncomfortable with randoms touching Jude too but I’m not always great at handling it. I get kind of dumbfounded a d don’t speak up but just move him…they follow. So I’m working on this too. It’s totally ok to scream no at them. But if i do speak up, it’s normally with something like “he’s not feeling well” or “he’s sleeping” (if he is…this doesn’t work so well anymore at 5.5 months)

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  4. Ugh people are so rude. I’d had issues with strangers touching my niece and nephew in public too, and they’re not little!! People just don’t respect women’s and children’s bodies like they do men’s. If men we the ones pregnant I guarantee strangers wouldn’t be caressing their bodies.

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  5. Unless it’s someone I know very well, I don’t try to touch or hold someone’s baby unless they offer first. I don’t know why people don’t do that on their own…just like it’s not cool to walk up to a stranger’s dog and try to pet them, they might bite your hand off. I think that most people just don’t think before they act, or that they feel entitled. Anyway, hopefully he lets you get some sleep tonight!! How did your appointment go today?

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