Getting Sh!t Done

Today was a pretty productive day! There were quite a few phone calls I needed to make and things that I needed to get scheduled before it’s too late. I started off by calling Medela to have my breast pump replaced. It seems to have lost suction for no reason what so ever and after going through trouble shooting with customer service they are sending me a new pump out. It should be here tomorrow. I then need to send the breast pump I currently have back to them. Hopefully this solves the pumping issue…..if not I have my sisters Ameda Purely Yours as a back up (with new tubing and parts).

I then called and spoke to the nurse from the hematology department at Children’s hospital. They received the referral but needed some information from me before they can schedule the appointment for him. They wanted to know what my blood disorder was and are trying to figure out which clinic to see him at……thrombosis and platelet clinic or general hematology. Hopefully they will call back tomorrow with an appointment time.

Next up I called the pediatric dental surgeon to schedule the tongue and lip tie procedure. It was scheduled for next Thursday at 11am. I am to give him some children’s Tylenol before we go and refrain from feeding him for a bit. They will numb the areas with a topical anesthetic and then use a laser to cut the ties. They will then have me try to breast feed while their so the dentist can evaluate the latch. I am so glad that we were able to get in quickly to try to get this resolved, but I still feel absolutely horrible about having to do this to him. Ronny needs to check the benefits though because there seems to have been a mix-up in insurance and adding Luke onto the dental insurance. If we can get the insurance figured out it will only be the cost of the co-pay. If we can’t figure it out it is going to be $537 out of pocket, and Ronny said we may need to wait until the insurance rolls over in January (I know he is serious but at the same time wants to get it figured out just as badly as I do).

In the meantime we are still working on the breast feeding issue. I weighed Luke today and he has LOST slightly over a pound in the three days that I have given him less formula and more breast milk. Good lord, this feeding thing is going to send me over the edge. Formula isn’t the worst thing in the world…..if I can find one that doesn’t make him fussy, gassy and vomit….and I can always pump and feed assuming my supply increases enough to meet his demands.

I just wish it was all cut and dry……black and white……easy as pie.


2 thoughts on “Getting Sh!t Done

  1. I’m glad you were able to get things done today. Still sorry that Luke has to have a procedure done already in his short little life, but if it fixes things and he’s able to eat better, it will be worth it in the end. Hang in there!


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