Lactation Consult – Surprising News

After struggling with breast feeding for a few weeks, I finally scheduled an appointment with the lactation consultant. I had already seen 3 lactation consultants while we were still in the hospital, and 2 at the pediatricians office…..but I went ahead and scheduled with someone else. I am both really glad and really sorry that I did.

After a quick weigh in she had me go ahead and start breast feeding. I started on the easy side and we talked about the issues Luke and I have been working through. She checked his latch and said that it was a bit shallow but good and he has a good suction. After 20 minutes she weighed him again. Luke had gained slightly under an ounce (he should have been at about 2). I tried/struggled to get him to latch on the left.

After a few minutes she asked me if I would be willing to try the supplemental nursing system. Of course I was, that’s what I was there to talk about in the first place. She got me all set up with a 1 ounce syringe and a feeding tube. She also gave me the Medela supplemental nursing system starter kit to see if it will help too. Luke ate another ounce from the tube and 1/2 ounce from my right breast and about 1/2 ounce from the left. 

So for the next couple weeks we will be trying to feed using this system. 

After a bit she noticed a crease in Lukes upper lip. After examining Lukes mouth we discovered (well she told me) that Luke has a mild tongue tie as well as a lip tie. We now need to visit with a pediatric dental surgeon to have him evaluated and the ties cut. She said it is very possible that the two ties are the reason that Luke has a shallow latch and is having some difficult times with milk transfer. 

I feel absolutely horrible. I know that it isn’t my fault that this happened. It’s the way Luke was born and I couldn’t do anything differently to have prevented it from happening. And yet I feel somehow like its my fault. I knew something was wrong from the get go and I didn’t push it hard enough. Now we are looking at what could be a painful laser removal of the flap under his tongue and between his gun and lip. 


18 thoughts on “Lactation Consult – Surprising News

  1. Oh hon you are not expected to know these things. Even a bunch of lactation consultants missed it! Even this one only just picked it up. Probably it is really easy to miss if it is mild. You will hate the day little Luke has to have it removed for sure – it’s like those needles, terrible to watch! Eeeep! But at least he will be so little that he won’t remember it. I know it doesn’t make you feel really that much better at the time but it is a small mercy. Hugs. You are doing such a GREAT job. Please know that. x

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  2. Definitely not your fault! We struggled with the same thing, and had his tongue clipped, which was a very easy procedure! It doesn’t really hurt when they are this young because there is little blood flow to that part of the tongue now. Anyway, I don’t know why lactation consultants don’t check every baby for tongue and lip ties because it seems like such a common problem!

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  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself, none of this is your fault. At least she caught it while you were there, and now it can be taken care of, and hopefully no more issues after that. And he won’t even remember any of it. Good luck with his appointment!

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  4. A lot of women in my birth month group have gone through this exact thing! It’s really very common. After getting it revised though, make sure to do the exercises as prescribed! One momma did not, and the ties reattached 😦 you’re doing good mama, I promise!

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  5. I didn’t notice my sons lip tie until he was TWO. Four lactation consultants missed it as well. You have nothing to feel guilty for. Also, I’m thrilled to tell you that the laser removal of tongue/lip ties is completely pain free and your son will be back to normal before he even leaves the procedure room! One last thing: if I could do anything over again with my son, it would be to throw in the towel on breastfeeding after one month instead of four. Those months were miserable, I felt like a failure because he couldn’t latch properly, he wasn’t gaining weight properly, and I wasn’t sleeping because I was nonstop either pumping or attempting to get him to latch. I wish I had quit at one month when it was clear it wasn’t working, and really just enjoyed that time with him rather than always being stressed about feeding and weight gain. There is no shame whatsoever in formula feeding and don’t let anyone convince you there is! Do what’s best for you and Luke to both be happy and healthy. 😊 If that means continuing breastfeeding, you know what is best as the mama and how much more you can take.

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    • Thank you for your experience and input. I’m not ready to throw in the breast feeding towel just yet, but may have to if things don’t get better. I’m not that into myself to refuse formula if need be if it’s in the best interest of little man. Hopefully this fixes the problems we have been having and can move on as planned.


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