DIY All purpose nipple cream

There comes a time in every breast feeding persons life when they experience nipple pain and/or infection. Often times there is only one culprit behind the pain and infection, but nursing moms don’t have the time to try various medications and topical ointments to remedy the situation and go back to pain free breast feeding. Lactation consultants, pediatric doctors and Ob/gyn’s are starting to turn to an all purpose nipple ointment to combat the three most likely pain causing issues: antibiotic, anti inflammatory and anti fungal. Unfortunately all purpose nipple cream is not covered by health insurance and has to be compounded by a special pharmacist. A small tube or jar of the all purpose nipple cream can cost between $60 and $150 depending on who you get it through. But why spend so much money when you can make it yourself?

There are 3 ingredients in the all purpose nipple ointment: Lotrimin, cortisone 10 and polysporin. Lotrimin contains clotrimazol, which is a topical anti fungal effective against thrush. Cortisone 10 is a steroid containing betamethasone, effective in the treatment of itching, tenderness, inflammation and irritation. Polysporin is an antibiotic that heals abrasions and is also effective in the treatment of bacterial infections such as staph infections. I got all three products at my local Walmart. I did get the Lotrimin and Cortisone cream in the Equate brand, but you cannot substitute anything for the polysorbin. 


1 tube Lotrimin (or store brand) – $1.97

1 tube Cotrisone 10 (or store brand) – $2.22

1 tube polysporin (name brand only) $4.97

1 Small airtight container (pack of 12 from the Dollar store) $1.00


Mix all three ingredients together in equal parts in an airtight container. Apply a thin layer (just enough to make the nipple glossy) after every feed. You do not need to wipe it off before breast feeding. 

Total cost: $9.16

Time to make: 2 minutes

Money saved: $50.84 and up

I made a batch up today and have applied it twice. So far my nipples have felt less swollen and tender when breast feeding and pumping and do not burn as badly when the baby is feeding. 


6 thoughts on “DIY All purpose nipple cream

  1. loved my DIY APNO cream! it’s polysporin, not polysorbin by the way. and i’ll warn you it’ll likely only stay good for a couple weeks, less if it’s very warm where you are – the ingredients start to separate. but still way better than paying for the prescription stuff.

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  2. So good! Glad it’s helping. I got all purpose nipple cream and it was great. Also I’ve used it in Owen. It’s good at healing skin in general.

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