Termination and Other Life Updates

There has been quite a bit going on recently, that I have just been way too busy to post about. Alright, it isn’t that I’ve been too busy but I just haven’t been able to get enough time to actually sit down and blog much. My most recent posts take all day to compose.

On termination:

Yesterday my post was about finding out I was terminated from the school district I worked for while I was supposed to be on a personal leave of absence. Today I got a call from a higher up in the human resource department. After explaining my side of things: being forced into a personal leave of absence because the district refused to provide work accommodations and then being terminated while on said leave of absence all because I was pregnant – left a sour taste in the ladies mouth. She said she would look into things further and call me back. After contacting the school principal and digging up the emails from back in January she determined that the district did wrongfully terminate my employment status within the district. My leave of absence guaranteed employee status for 1 year from the date of leave, even if I didn’t have a position to return to.

Essentially the district admitted that they were wrong and reinstated my employee status. Once they are able to remove the termination from my file (they are right in the middle of a payroll thing and can’t fix the error until Thursday or Friday), they will put me in the system on maternity leave until January 26th 2016. I have until then to either find a position, decide to go back to part time guest teaching or part ways with the district. So I WON the issue and have a job again (kind of).

Ronny’s Paternity Leave 

My husband went back to work yesterday after taking a month off to be with me and the baby. It sucks that the baby didn’t come out until a week into his leave, so Ronny really only spent 3 weeks home with me and the baby. Oh well, it was so amazingly good to have him home with me. I cried so hard! I am so incredibly lucky to have been able to spend 24/7 with my husband for 30 days. I didn’t realize how much help he was in taking care of Luke until I had to do it all on my own. I wish he could have stayed home forever with us!!

Breastfeeding Issues

We are still working on transitioning to exclusive breast feeding. I don’t know that it is going to be possible but I am willing to try. It seems like things keep happening that prevent ebf from happening. First it was the weight loss issue, and then thrush……now it seems as if my nipples have tiny little blisters all over them (not on the areola, just on the nipple) and it is painful when Luke eats. I have been using the Nystatin cream on them twice a day per the instructions, which may be the cause. I told Ronny that I may have to give up on the whole breast feeding thing and just pump/bottle feed.

I’m not giving up yet, and was looking for help online last night. Dr. Google, along with his friend YouTube helped me out quite a bit. First off, I learned a trick to pumping more milk. I don’t know if anyone else didn’t know (or if it was just me), but pressing on the breast outside of the flange helps to release more milk. I was able to pump an extra 3/4 of an ounce combined by doing that. I also found out about what is called a supplemental nursing system (SNS) that I was previously unaware of, and would have made supplementing so much easier for transitioning back. Basically it is a small tube that you insert into the baby’s mouth after they have latched onto the breast. The baby then sucks milk from the breast and also sucks the supplement at the same time. Supposedly it teaches you both proper breastfeeding technique while allowing for supplementation at the same time. I wish I had known about this option when we started supplementing. I don’t think I would have been as far off as I am now if we had used that instead of a bottle. I am going to ask the doctor about it tomorrow and see if I can’t get a syringe and a feeding tube.

Doctor’s Appointment

I finally heard back from the OB office regarding my visit to urgent care with Luke over the weekend. I told them all the things that were going on and that it was all things I had mentioned last week when I called in. They want me to come in and meet with a nurse practitioner tomorrow because they now think I have a uterine infection which is causing all my issues. I go in at 8 am tomorrow for this appointment. My mom is going to come in with me to help me with Luke since Ronny will be at work.I am a bit frustrated because I told the nurse about my pains and smelly discharge last week and the only thing they told me was to get some rest and take some ibuprofen. If my complaint had been taken seriously last week I could have been done with antibiotics by now.


15 thoughts on “Termination and Other Life Updates

  1. Yay about the work thing!! I’m glad someone was able to help you out with that!! Interesting about the supplementing tube situation…I guess Google and YouTube can actually be useful sometimes! Sorry that your Dr seems to have neglected you telling them about something being wrong. Hopefully tomorrow they can get things figured out and get you back to healthy!

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  2. So busy in your world! Glad that the work thing sorted out in your favour. That’s awesome. Hope all goes well with the clinic and that breastfeeding sorts itself out one way or another soon. It’s hard work in those early days.

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  3. I’m soooo relieved that you’ve been reinstated by your school board! I hope that your uterine infection clears up quickly. It sounds serious. I hope your transition to taking care of Luke on your own goes smoothly!

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  4. That’s great that your HR person did the right thing and backed you up on being wrongfully terminated! That was a serious discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen! And the SNS saved us. I induced lactation and I used the SNS for the first 3 months with our twin boys. It was great to be able to nurse them even though I wasn’t getting milk. They say that the best way to increase milk production is to latch them on, and if you need a little help, the SNS is the way to go. We made our own using a french 5 feeding tube, cutting a tiny hole in the top of a nipple for their bottles and it cost us less than $3! The SNS’s can get kinda pricey…you can even look up how to make your own…hope that works to help with the milk production…

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    • That’s awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing. I’ll look up how to make my own. I do have an appointment with an lactation consultant on Tuesday and told her that’s what I wanted to try. I think the hospital can just give me the stuff.


  5. Don’t give up on EBF! Pumping seems easier for now, but it ends up being a total pain… Take it from someone who’s giving up after 4 months! Anyway, glad the job thing worked out and hope you get some answers at the doc tomorrow!!

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