Not The Nipples!!

It is no secret that I have been having some issues with breast feeding. I have one flat/inverted nipple which Luke has a hard time eating from, my nipples have cracked and bleed several times despite a good latch, my milk came in really late causing little man to loose too much weight……..and now my nipples are suffering from thrush and possible Raynaud’s of the nipple (waiting to see if it’s the thrush or something else). 

Little man has had some white stuff on his tongue for about two weeks now. I asked about it at a doctors visit and we were told it was probably milk deposits from the formula. Over the past few days Lukes mouth has gotten really bad. He has white sores covering his tongue, on the roof of his mouth, on his inner cheeks and on his gums between his lips. I knew right away that he had thrush, but because I called the pediatrician on Friday there wasn’t anything that could be done until next week. I couldn’t wait until next week, so we took him to urgent care. 

While there they checked me too. My nipple burn like crazy and itch uncontrollably. It’s so painful to feed the tiny person and sends shooting pains through my boobs when I do feed him. On top of that, I have a white ring on my areolas and my nipples turn white then blue then purple and back to normal color after he’s done eating. Well….. I have thrush of the nipples and possibly Raynaud’s (official diagnosis awaiting thrush treatment completion). 

Our treatment plan is Nystatin cream applied to each nipple twice a day, and neosporin applied twice a day for me. Luke is on oral Nystatin 100,000 units on each side of his mouth 4 times a day for 10 days. If we aren’t looking better in 5 days we need to go back in. 

I also need to schedule an appointment for myself. There was some concern in urgent care regarding a possible hernia from pushing, a pain that is unexplainable in my lower left abdomen and the fact that I am still clotting and have a smelly discharge. They wanted me to go over to the adult urgent care area but I declined. We had already been in pediatric urgent care for 3 hours and my little person wasn’t happy. So I’ll call and schedule with the Ob on Monday.

Hoping all this gets taken care of quickly so we can get back on track.


6 thoughts on “Not The Nipples!!

    • Thank you. I didn’t get a notification for another response so I looked it up…..the pain isn’t new, just been lingering since delivery. I already have an email in to my pelvic pain nurse so hopefully she can work some magic and get me in Monday or Tuesday

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  1. BF is t easy 😦 if you can get through it, it’s worth it. Lot of women first month have sore nipples. For me sadly it was beyond bearable. I was bawling while feeding him.

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