Luke’s Life: Week 2 

Little man is 2 weeks old! Life is just flying by. I can’t help but be totally in love with this tiny person, and can’t believe how blessed I am to have a mostly happy, healthy baby. 

Luke is doing amazingly well. He has put on some weight, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces this morning at his 2 week appointment. He is still 20″ tall and measuring in the 25th percentile in all areas. We/he also got the second newborn blood test done today and a referral to hematology to make sure he doesn’t have any bleeding issues like mommy. We are still working on transitioning from formula supplementation to exclusive breast feeding, but he really likes the bottle at times. We found out the little guy has a sensitivity to Pampers diapers, so we have switched back to Huggies to see if that will help.

Luke loves snuggles with mommy and daddy, eating and car rides. He hates diaper changes, burping and getting clothes on.

How is Mommy?

I’m doing a lot better this week than I was last week. I still cry at least twice a day, but it’s getting better. I have fully embraced the fact that our situation isn’t what I planned on, but am doing what needs to be done to raise a healthy and happy child. Life as a mommy has definitely been a change. I’m still working on adjusting and figuring things out. 

Physically, I’m doing pretty well. The stitches fell out at some point during the week. I took a look down below with a hand mirror (something I don’t recommend) and aye! Where the stitches were are still some pretty big tears. The shocker was the size of the hole Luke came out of! Things are definitely taking their time shrinking back down. Anyways, the area between my legs is still somewhat tender and sore.  My belly is shrinking by the day. I escaped with only 2 stretch marks and a gap in my abdominal muscles. My boobs are humongous! I went from a 32 almost A to a 32D at least. My nipples have healed, although the inverted one still requires a bit of coaxing for Luke to feed from. I started the pregnancy at 101.8 pounds, reaching 148.6 the day Luke was born. I am back down to 126.4 as of this morning. I’ve lost 22.2 pounds in 2 weeks, and am only 24 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.

While things are looking better, I do still struggle with some things. My biggest struggle right now is cluster feeding from 10pm-2am and trusting that he is going to wake up in the morning. When Luke gets full he will sleep for 3-5 hours….but getting him full is a bit  of a challenge. If only he would latch in a side laying position…
Sorry for the lack of pictures. When blogging on my iPad I am having problems uploading pictures.


6 thoughts on “Luke’s Life: Week 2 

    • He doesn’t care for that either. On the left side I have to do a cradle hold while leaning forward and on the right he will only latch if I hold him in a modified football hold. It’s killing my back but worth it for the benefits of breast feeding

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  1. I am so pleased you are able to roll with the punches and embrace that while things aren’t what you wanted that doesn’t mean they are bad. It’s not easy making that adjustment, you have done so well! To tell you the truth I rarely speak to a mum who hasn’t found motherhood different than they imagined so you aren’t alone there. My son is almost 4 years old and I still check him in the middle of the night (not every night but if I wake) to check he is breathing. I’m not sure you ever quite get over that one! Ha! You are doing so well and Luke sounds very happy. Well done Mama!

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