Saturday Shenanigans

Saturday has typically been a pretty lazy day throughout my life. Today was supposed to be a standard lazy Saturday……but it wasn’t. Luke didn’t get the memo on sleeping in, and awoke bright eyed ad bushy tailed at 7:30am. I took him into the living room for his morning feed so his daddy could sleep in a little. We are working on weaning away from the formula, and as such Luke was highly aggravated at not getting a bottle. He fed for 3 hours off and on before finally crashing at about 11am.

I was just about to lay down myself and see if I could get an hour or so of shut eye before the next feed. No sooner had Luke and I crawled into bed when my mom called. My dad was trying to put a stake in the ground to tie up a pepper plant and the stake broke. My dad fell forward right into the metal edging, slicing his leg open just under his knee. Needless to say, they were on their way to Urgent Care so he could get stitched up. I woke my husband up……the one I was trying to let sleep in, and the baby…….that I literally just got to sleep, to head over for support.

Six stitches and a tetanus shot later, my parents were back home. I helped my mom order a piece for the bbq that broke last summer and then Ronny and I headed out to run some errands. We went to the grocery store for soda and then to Walmart for more formula and lactose free milk for me. While I would love to exclusively breast feed my little one, he isn’t quite to the point where he is ready to give up the bottle yet and it’s easier to give him a bit of formula than to have him on the breast for hours on end trying to fill him up.

We have been home for awhile now. I am trying not to give in to the bottle yet and Luke has been latched to one boob or the other for about an hour and a half. I know that I am still releasing milk because it is running down my shirt on the side he isn’t feeding from. (Side note: I looked into the milkies milk catcher, but can’t justify spending $30 on something that seems humongous. I saw a nipple shield soother thing that Medela makes that catches breast milk and eases sore nipples for $11 for 2. I am going to order those I think) 

Ronny is supposed to go back to work on August 24th. I am having a hard time with him leaving me home alone with the baby all day by myself. I know it has to happen eventually, I’m just not ready yet. I am trying to prepare myself by taking on more of Luke’s care on my own. The transition from having 24/7 back up to being alone all day has been difficult. Thank goodness I have a relatively good baby…..doesn’t really fuss unless he really wants a bottle.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Shenanigans

  1. I think I know the Medela product you’re talking about. I had it to protect my nipples in the beginning. Just know you’ll need to rely on the bra to hold it in place well, and there are holes to allow for air ventilation, so be sure to empty before you bend over or change positions.

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  2. I remember when Eric first went out and left me home by myself with Monkey I almost had a full on panic attack. Of course it was all fine and you adjust but you do feel a bit apprehensive at first. You can do this! It will be fine. I promise. X

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