Squishy, Soggy, Swollen and Stinky

I’m going to be real with you all……..I didn’t know what to expect after having a baby. I knew that I wouldn’t immediately go back to my pre-pregnant state, but I had no clue I would be feeling the way that I do right now. I’m not sure how much of it is “normal” postpartum symptoms, and what I actually need to worry about.

It is a big change going from having a rock hard abdomen, full of baby, to a squishy midsection post baby. As of a few days ago I have lost  22 of the 47 pounds that I gained during the pregnancy. I am so proud of myself and more specifically my body for recuperating so well. I did think that I would have lost more right off the bat given the loss of fluid and baby weight, but day by day I am looking more like my old self. The swelling has gone down pretty much everywhere. The resulting mommy tummy is not the greatest feeling. My belly hurts pretty much all the time, especially at the top under my rib cage and right above my pubic bone. I know a lot of the squishiness comes from the diastisis that seems to be pretty bad. The pain is probably from that as well. Either way, my mid section wiggles like jello.

Did you know when you breast feed the boob you aren’t feeding from leaks? I sure as hell didn’t. Of course I knew about leakage throughout the day, and made myself some breast pads…..but I didn’t know that you leak from the not in use side. This lack of knowledge has left many a shirt (and onsie, and blanket) drenched in milk. I walk around damp with as much as I leak.i couldn’t tell you how many wet spots I have on my shirt by the end of the day. I wish there was a way to collect the leaking milk so that I don’t waste a drop of milk!

The swelling I experienced went down pretty quickly. In fact I don’t think there is much more swelling at all on my body…….except for one place. My vagina is still pretty swollen and tender. I literally feel like I walk funny trying to keep anything from rubbing down there. It could be the tears and stitches, but either way it hurts. Honestly, I was shocked at how quickly the swelling went down everywhere but between my legs. It seems like it is aggravated by movement.

Hormones, oh how I dislike thee! As my hormones regulate themselves I have started to notice two odors that kind of follow me around. One I am worried about, the other I am not. I take a shower every single day. They aren’t my usual 30-45 minute long showers anymore, but I am in long enough to wash my hair and body. Despite the daily showers and deodorant, I walk around smelling like beef stew. It’s really rather gross, but no one seems to notice but me. I know that once my hormones get straightened out I am sure that I will go back to not smelling like anything. I am worried about the foul odor that is coming from between my legs. Postpartum bleeding is normal, but I didn’t know/don’t know if the bleeding is supposed to smell bad. I can’t tell if it is the bleeding, the stitches or a bladder issue. I have a call into the doctor regarding this one, as it doesn’t seem normal at all.

What postpartum symptom were you most surprised by?


11 thoughts on “Squishy, Soggy, Swollen and Stinky

  1. They make things that collect milk while you’re leaking-they’re called milkies I think. Also, I’m eight weeks PP and rarely leak anymore and I have a huge supply. I pump seven ounces twice a day AFTER she eats, so there’s a good chance that’ll get better. When I was in the first few weeks my boobs were wetting the bed like crazy!

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  2. yup, they’re called milkies: http://smile.amazon.com/Milkies-Milk-Saver-Breast-Collector-Storage/dp/B001SMBRWO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439529391&sr=8-1&keywords=milksavers

    and i stopped leaking around 7-8 weeks as my supply leveled out, haven’t used breast pads since (have half a box of disposables i don’t know what to do with since i preferred my cloth most of the time other than when going out). i had BAD swelling postpartum, which took me by surprise since i had minimal swelling during pregnancy. i left the hospital weighing the same as i went in, and it took over 2 weeks for it to go away. delayed my milk production. so glad i’m past those first few weeks! hang in there!

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  3. I felt like recovering from pregnancy and birth was more difficult than pregnancy itself. My hair kept falling out in chunks, to the point of me being actually worried I’d go bald. I kept getting yeast infections. I’d be covered in bruises all over my body, and I had no clue how they got there. I started getting severe sun allergies for the first time in my life. And despite being cleared at my 6 week postpartum appointment and having been told that I healed up just fine, it took almost 6 months for me to be able to have sex without some degree of discomfort. Jeez. Happy to report it all did eventually go away. Well, except the sensitivity to sun thing, anyway.

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  4. Despite being at my pre preg weight, my
    Body shape is totally different. I now have this floppy potato sack belly that is still completely numb (thanks c section!). I’m really hoping this weird belly situation goes away but at almost 8 weeks post partum I don’t have high hopes. I tried using a post partum support belly band but it hasn’t done too much IMHO.

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  5. I’m glad your swelling has gone down. I’m sorry you’re having other issues though. I hope your Dr gets back to you soon about the bleeding/odor thing. I have no real advice here, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you!

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