Postpartum Hospital Stay

After such an exciting labor and delivery, the hospital stay was pretty uneventful. After delivery, Luke went to the NICU for testing and to be placed under the warmer while I was stitched up and disconnected from the many machines that were hooked to me. While there, he had some blood drawn. Ronny said that they had to prick one foot twice and the other one 3 times to get enough blood to fill the tiny vial. Unfortunately it coagulated before it could reach the lab and he had to be pricked again. The second vial of blood also coagulated too quickly and we had to have him go through the testing again later in the evening.

Ronny and Luke joined me back in the delivery room about an hour and a half after Luke was born. During that time my mom and mother in law stayed with me. All we knew was that Luke was ok….. When my man and his mini returned, everyone left to give us some time to acclimate as a family. We were wheeled up to a room on the maternity floor at 1:30pm. We spent the evening as a family. My mom and sister came back to the hospital for a bit to meet my little.

At some point later that night, Ronny and I went with Luke to the nursery to be rechecked and bathed. We actually got to bathe him on our own, which is something the hospital normally doesn’t allowed for the first bath but let us anyways. Luke was poked again and his blood sent to the lab. The nurse filled the wrong color tube though so he had to be poked again (total blood draw count: 4 vials and 9 jabs to the heel). The blood test came back normal this time so we didn’t have to do anything else.

Luke’s first day of life he spent very sleepy due to me being on the morphine drip for so long. He was able to eat twice though before we got help from the lactation consultant. Ronny and I took turns sleeping so that someone was up to watch the baby. Ronny got way more sleep than I did. Doctors and nurses were in and out of the room all night checking vitals and making sure I wasn’t bleeding too much. Needless to say it was a long night!

Monday morning several of the nurses and doctors that were in the delivery room with us before shift change came in to see Luke and check up on us. My pelvic pain doctor also came up and chatted for a little bit. Apparently she had been paged when we went into labor and was the go to doctor when the others had a question. I guess there is a benefit of seeing the same doctor monthly for 4 years. A lactation consultant came in and helped me out with the inverted nipple issue. The people from the stress study we are participating in came in and took Luke for an hour to run some of their tests on him. They said he did really well the whole time and the only sign of stress he showed was crying when they changed his diaper.

Monday afternoon my mother in law and grandmother in law came down to the hospital for a visit. My mom and sister also came back with my nephew who wanted to meet his cousin for so long. While they were there, my husbands best friend stopped by with some cigars, so they went and smoked those while I breast fed Luke. Unfortunately we missed the dinner time frame, so Ronny left Luke and I in the hospital room sleeping while he went to get burgers from Wendy’s. While he was gone, Luke woke up but did this weird eye roll, shake thing and then went limp for a moment. I was terrified and pushed the emergency call button. The nurse examined him and said there were no signs of anything wrong.

Monday night was a rough one for the three of us. Luke was very obviously hungry but despite my best effort I couldn’t seem to be able to feed him. There was literally nothing coming from my breasts. I tried for 4 hours to get him to feed, switching from left to right and back again.Finally at 3am I had enough and went to ask the nurse at the desk for help. I felt so completely helpless and agreed to let the nurse feed him formula through a small tube inserted just inside his mouth. We then got about 5 hours of sleep before Luke woke up again.

Tuesday we were discharged. I was sent home with lidocaine gel, percocet, a stool softener and a prescription for a prenatal. The prenatal we still haven’t filled as the drug association made a really  big push in February and is now requiring all prenatals to include iodine….something I am allergic to. I took quite literally everything I could from the hospital too. Ronny and I stopped off at my parents house on our way home so that my dad could hang out with his newest grandson.

For as much as I didn’t care for the hospital’s prenatal care……I must say the whole process of labor, delivery and postpartum care was amazing. I never once questioned whether or not I was receiving the best care I possibly could have. They did their job and I have an amazing family in large part to the awesome staff.


2 thoughts on “Postpartum Hospital Stay

  1. Glad you were happy with your care and that things all went smoothly. I recommend speaking to a naturopath or something like that re your prenatal. I’m sure they will be able to recommend a iodine free alternative that will give you all your nutrients. That’s if your stuck for what to do about that one. I’m sure companies will be making something that they aren’t calling a prenatal to account for this. Well hopefully anyway 🙂

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