What’s In My Post Labor Bag?

Yesterday I wrote a post on what was in my labor bag, today I am going to let you in on what I packed in my bag for after Luke has arrived. When it comes to packing, my husband and I have very different views. I am a minimalist, packing only what I think I will absolutely need……my husband likes to pack like a boy scout – always be prepared.

For our post delivery bag, I chose a large duffle bag that would fit both of our things with some room to spare. I got the duffle bag at Walmart for $14.88, so a total score. I thought that a back pack was too causal and a suit case was too formal. I did assume that we would be at the hospital for about 3 days.

For Both Of Us:

Our labor bag will be brought with us to the postpartum floor, as we should still need most of the stuff that was in it (power cords and other electronic devices).

1. Toiletries: My husband, Luke and I each have a small bag with toiletries. I have shampoo, body wash, a scrubby, lotion, deodorant, hairbrush, extra ponytail holders, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer and chapstick. For my husband I packed body wash, a scrubby, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, fingernail clippers (he has a fascination with his nails for some reason) and qtips. For Luke I have small sample bottles of lotion and baby soap, a small washcloth and baby oil.

For My Husband:

Remember when I said my husband likes to be prepared? He was in charge of getting his own clothes for the bag.

1. Multiple outfits – At last count there are 5 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of sweatpants (maybe 2), socks and underwear.

2. Going home outfit – This sounds a bit crazy, but Ronny has a shirt with Darth Vader on it that says “I am your father.” He also has a pair of white shorts with grey plaid. Luke has a very similar pair of shorts and I made him a shirt that says, “the force is strong with this one,” so they are going to match-ish when we leave the hospital.

For Me:

I am more of a minimalist when it comes to packing. Whatever you take with you has to come back home and be put away. My plan is to wear the hospital gowns while I am in the hospital so I don’t ruin my own clothes and won’t have to wash, dry and put them away. I also plan to wear the mesh undies (I personally love them) and gigantic pads, so I don’t have to bring any undies or pads with me. Hopefully I can take quite a few of the undies and pads home with me too.

1. Pajamas- I didn’t plan to pack these originally, but I chose to bring along a nightgown I got as a joke during my bachelorette party that is very large and comfy, as well as a smaller butterfly nightgown that has easy access to my boobs. I don’t know if I will wear either of them, but thought it would be nice to have my own nightgown to sleep in.

2. Bathrobe – again, not something I for sure think I need but I liked the option of having something familiar covering my behind.

3. Going home outfit – For my going home outfit I chose a loose fitting skirt that I have worn throughout my pregnancy and a black maternity tank top. I’ll kind of match my boys, but with a more female twist on things.

4. Undies – I only packed 1 pair of undies……to come home in. After my reproductive surgery last April, I discovered that the mesh undies are quite comfortable. I am going to wear them in the hospital with the maxi pads they provide, and hope to be able to bring quite a few pairs home with me.

5. Nursing bra – I packed 1 nursing/sleeping bra to wear after the baby comes. I had to get a size medium to fit me now, but I think it should have enough extra room to handle growing boobs post delivery.

6. Nursing Pads – this is something that I think the hospital  provides, but couldn’t find any concrete information on that. I would hate to be leaking all over the place so I threw in a few pairs of disposable nursing pads just in case.

7. Slippers – Again, not too fond of walking around the hospital barefoot.

8. Dermaplast spray – I have heard that this miracle spray prevents burning while peeing in the event that I tear or have a episiotomy.

After Luke arrives I will revisit this post and let you guys know what I used, what I didn’t and what I wish I had brought along.


8 thoughts on “What’s In My Post Labor Bag?

  1. Think I agree with most things on here. Your milk is unlikely to come in until after delivery so usually no nursing pads needed, though I remember now you’re already having some leakage. The hospital provided dermoplast right off the bat. And they’ll also have baby soap if needed. I don’t recommend soap or lotion that early on.

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  2. Pajamas for sure. I’d skip the dermaplast- the squeezy water bottle they give really does the trick! And lady, pack yoself some snacks!!! No one is going to want to leave the room after he’s born and personally I was SO hungry after labor!

    Getting so close momma!!!

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  3. All good things! In the event you end up with a c section, I’d recommend having extra strength gas ex with you. I blew up like a balloon with gas and was miserable. The stuff they gave me in the hospital didn’t work and the gas ex saved my ass. Literally. A few friend told me to pack it and was so grateful. Consider taking the post partum squirt bottle home with you. It’s magic! We also needed snacks and thankfully had some with us…granola bars, etc mostly for my husband and immediate family members late at night after the hospital kitchen had closed. The hospital did not give me soap or toothpaste and was so thankful I had some in my travel toiletries bag.

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  4. Finally, I gave found my mesh undies soul mate! I got a pair after my uterine surgery and I totally agree – those mesh undies are really something else! Perfect height and super supportive/moulded to your body.

    I love the Star Wars theme that is solo cute. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ Luke!

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