Morphine Sleep and 39 Week OB Appointment

Warning: some pics are included that may be tmi. View at your own risk. At 39 weeks 1 day I went into OB screening with (yet again) severe contractions. The fetal monitor was working, but the contraction monitor was not. The nurses and midwife witnessed several intense contractions that weren’t being picked up on the monitor. After being checked for water rupture and progression, we were disappointed to hear that once again I still hadn’t made any progress. My husband, the midwife and I discussed actually doing the morphine induced sleep because I still am not sleeping more than 30 minutes a night, and no napping in the day. 

Ronny went and got me a quick bite to eat and then stayed with me while the nurse started a saline IV block and administered the morphine. She struggled quite a bit with finding a vein. This is a problem I haven’t had before, but I was so swollen that my veins weren’t popping up. She finally got the needle into my elbow crease, but when she administered the first saline flush I’m pretty sure she blew the vein and the morphine was injected into the arm and not through the vein. I fell asleep quickly but was woken 45 minutes later by the nurse to check on Luke because the pulse monitor was acting funny (or my pulse was wonky). Either way I couldn’t fall back to sleep and started bawling when the midwife that was now on call said there was nothing she could do. They released me after 45 minutes of sleep (a dramatic decrease from the 4-6 hours they promised) with 2 ambien in my system and a script for 2 more extended release ambien. My arm the next morning is proof enough for me that my vein was blown and I didn’t get most of the morphine in my system.

The next morning Ronny and I went to my 39 week OB appointment. The first person to come in was a 4th year intern. Poor thing asked me how I was and I kind of was a huge bitch. I told her I wasn’t doing very well and described everything that was going on. She went and got the actual doctor who decided to check me once again because of the fluid that has just been gushing out of me for days. I took off my pants, scooted to the end of the table and a GIANT gush of liquid came out. So much so that both the doctor and intern jumped back and let out a startled shriek. At that point they were certain my water had broken but quickly finished the exam while I got dressed so they could admit me and take me upstairs to the delivery floor.

Unfortunately the fluid tested negative as amniotic fluid and as a yeast infection, so at this point they have no idea why I am leaking fluid in such abundance. He did recheck my cervix and there still is no change whatsoever. We discussed induction and they are refusing to do one unless my water breaks and I don’t progress or I make it to 41 weeks. It seems as if they are more worried about their low c-section and induction rates, rather than the fact that I am absolutely miserable and probably don’t have enough energy to push him out. 

I’m now swelling profusely, am nauseous as hell and it felt as if Luke slipped into my pelvic opening. I have a massive headache and just feel off. Hopefully he’s coming soon!



11 thoughts on “Morphine Sleep and 39 Week OB Appointment

  1. Sounds just awful! I’d be miserable, too. I can’t get over the amount of fluid! And that swelling! Have they tested your urine for protein with all that edema? Protein didn’t show up in the dip test but was crazy high in the 24 hour pee-in-a-jug test. Not to be an annoying worrywart, but that was one of the early signs of me having protein in my urine and preeclampsia which led me to delivering early. Hoping Luke hurries up his arrival time. C’mon baby boy! 🙂

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  2. I wish I had fancy words to offer. I’m sorry this last stretch has been so rough, it will be worth it when he’s in your arms. Praying for relief and a safe delivery for your little one!

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  3. I should have read this before asking you all those questions on your other post lol. I’m still so sorry that you’re going through all of this, and that nobody seems to care at all. Praying every day that your water breaks or you just plain go into active labor and make progress so you can get him out and start to get your body back to a functioning level! *hugs*


  4. I had lots of fluid in third tri myself but nothing like this. I had a consistent trickle that had me believe I was leaking fluids on a daily basis. Hated that! But so strange it gushes. Can only imagine you fluids may be pooling inside and when you move a certain way and contract muscles it all comes out?

    I’m sorry it’s so miserable:( it will be over soon!!!


      • I figured, I know there’s a lot with your medical “issues”. I’d say do ALL the at home induction tricks you can (clary sage oil, hotter bath, lots of walking/bouncing, sex of you can or masterbation, acupressure points and massage) I’m seriously starting a few of these milky now cause I’m sooooo over it.


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