OB Epic Fail

Last night I noticed an increase in fluid leaking from between my legs and an increase in the intensity of my contractions. I made it through the night and decided to see if I was still leaking in the morning before deciding whether or not to go to the hospital. All morning I struggled and wound up calling my husband at 1:45pm to come pick me up and take me to the hospital. The contractions were so bad I couldn’t stand it and every time I had a contraction or Luke moved more fluid would come out.

We got to the hospital and were taken to room 6……the same room we have every single time. The quick amniotic analysis came back negative so the nurse went to get the midwife while they monitored my contractions a bit. They had a hard time finding Luke’s heart beat but were able to located it and get him on a monitor. The contraction one wasn’t working though and only about 60% of my contractions were being picked up by the sensor. The midwife came in and watched me struggle with contractions, timing them herself and confirmed what I had been saying all along.

The midwife did a speculum exam and said she didn’t see any pooling or active leaking, but got swabs to check for amniotic fluid, yeast infection and BV…..all came back negative. We discussed the morphine sleep and decided to go ahead with it. The nurse had a difficult time trying to find a vein, but got one and injected morphine and phenergan. I fell asleep almost immediately but was woken up 45 minutes later by the nurse coming to check on me. I was unable to fall back to sleep so I asked for more morphine. The new midwife on call refused to give me more morphine and let me get back to sleep. Instead I was given a script for extended release ambien, 2 regular ambien and told to go see my ob in the morning.

To say that I am exhausted would be an understatement. I feel like they thought I was a junkie looking for a fix…..not a 31 year old woman in excruciating pain. I’m sick of hurting, sick of being tired and just plain sick of all of this. I am really ready for him to be on the outside. While I really want the ambein to work, there is a large part of me that knows it won’t. I told the midwife that at this point even if I were to go into labor on my own, I don’t think I could physically deliver Luke due to severe exhaustion. She said that I am at the stage in pregnancy where I am just done and there isn’t anything else they can do for the pain. I am so incredibly over it!

At this point, I go in at 8:20 for my regularly scheduled 39 week appointment and am going to demand that they schedule the induction for either Sunday or Monday. I’m going to demand an ultrasound to verify that he is in the “proper position” and have them do a sweep.


18 thoughts on “OB Epic Fail

  1. Oh hon I really feel for you. To finally go forward with the sleep and only get 45mins – it’s just cruel! I had a similar experience in hospital for my son’s birth where I had some morphine and then begged them for more when the time was up. I really felt that they acted like I was a junkie then too and refused me even though I was supposed to be able to have it. I wish they’d explain more when they were saying no. It would make us all feel a lot better. Hope the appt goes well and wishing you a speedy arrival for baby Luke. It’s been a long tough road these last few weeks. I really feel for you.

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      • I never really found out. I am wondering if perhaps I wasn’t in active labour. They told me I could have it every 2 hours in active labour and maybe the morphine slowed me down. I’m not sure. That’s the problem. They just say no and treat you as if you are mad rather than tell you why. And I was too distressed to ask why. I was induced and VERY slow to progress so it was all a bit exhausting, something I know you will understand. 🙂


  2. What in the world!! What’s the point of giving you drugs to make you sleep, if they’re just going to wake you up a short while later and then NOT help you go back!?!? That’s so beyond frustrating, and I’m so very sorry!! I was thinking about you last night and wondering how you were doing. I really hope they get you some answers and help at your appointment this morning! Thinking of you, try to hang in there *hugs*

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  3. I really, really feel for you. I had a terrible time with pain in my third trimester and I just wanted to be done being pregnant! The worst is you aren’t sleeping too. I didn’t sleep well but I got sleep. And you make a great point that you need the energy when you go into labor. And even once Luke is born it would be nice not to start exhausted.
    I hope they induce you. After 39 weeks there shouldn’t be a reason not to. FX

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