Crunch Time

We are officially in the single digit countdown, and shit is getting real quick. I’ve been slowly getting stuff done throughout the pregnancy but part of me never thought we would actually make it this far. Now that we are so close to the end I am having to move double time to get everything done that I wanted to get done before Lukes arrival. The lack of sleep has made it semi difficult to get and stay motivated enough to get things done. Last night I was able to get in 2 full uninterrupted hours of sleep and another hour over a 7 hour time span (total of 3 hours in an 11 hour period). It was enough to push me through the day……a day that was actually pretty productive.

When I got up, I got a load of laundry going and took a quick shower. I then made a list of things to get done and a list of things I needed to buy to make freezer meals. While I was getting ready to leave I printed off copies of our birth plan to include in our labor bag. I stopped off at the gas station before going to Whole Foods, Walmart and the dollar store for the freezer meal food. 

I took a slight break when I got home and hung out with my sisters family at the pool before carrying the groceries up. It took me 10 trips to get all the bags up to our 3rd floor apartment and I was pooped at the end of it. I was able to get all of the crockpot meals assembled before my husband got home, and plan to get the casseroles done tomorrow. When my husband got home he helped me soak my feet in an ice bath to try and fi. The swelling issue that’s been going on. 

Of all the things I wanted to do today, I only accomplished a third of what I actually wanted to do. Surprisingly though I’m really proud of myself. I wanted to give up and lay down, procrastinate for another day. Instead I kept on going. I kept moving through the contractions and through the exhaustion, and got some pretty big things done on my list. I even got my husband to install the car seat in the car!

There are still things that I would like to accomplish, but am really ok if it doesn’t all get done before the baby gets here. Hopefully he’ll be here this week 🙂


5 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. You always write that you are exhausted, but you are working circles around me and I’m not even pregnant! You are truly an inspirational woman and I’m so excited for you to have this baby and get to the next stage! Do you know anything about acupressure? I use it a lot for different pains and what have you. Anyway, if you want to get this labor going, there is a pressure point for that. On the inside of your ankle, about four fingers up, is a point that balances hormones and relieves menstrual cramping. It also will get labor started in some women. Give it a try! And for anyone else reading this, NEVER EVER use this point during pregnancy unless it’s at the end.


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