10 Days Left and Just For Fun Pool

Today is the last day of double digits of any kind in this pregnancy. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible this journey has been. From complete joy to total fear, we have certainly run the gamete. While pregnancy was nothing like I thought it would be, it has none the less been an amazing experience. If I make it to tomorrow, we will begin the single digit countdown to little man’s arrival.

We were supposed to go in for the morphine induced sleep today. I didn’t sleep at all night. Part of it was the contractions but a small amount was because I was so freaking excited. My husband and I bought a car – our first car together, and when we got home I had noticed that I was losing my mucus plug. I’d share the picture, but its gross. It seems as if the almost 2 hours we spent in the car yesterday got things progressing slightly. The contractions increased in intensity a bit and in the particularly strong ones, you can see the outline of the baby’s body.I was so excited that something might happen that I couldn’t fall asleep. Needless to say, now that things are progressing a bit (I would have to assume that I am at least a bit further dilated based on the lightening shock bonanza going on and the pressure I am feeling down below), we opted to forgo the morphine sleep and see how the day progresses.

So far I have been much more crampy and feel like I am going to poop my pants during contractions. Contractions are a bit more intense as well. A new one for me is the persistent urge to walk around. It’s almost like I cannot resist the urge to get up and move around. My mom and I have already gone on 2 walks today and if it weren’t raining we would be on another walk now. It is hard to walk though because I can feel his head so low. I’m really hoping that things are progressing and wishing that the baby gets here before the weekend is over.

Fun Poll

I had a great suggestion from a few people and wanted to put it here, as well as on Facebook. I thought it would be fun to have a baby arrival betting pool……only just for fun, bragging rights only. If you would like to participate please leave answers to the following questions in the comments section:

Date you think Luke will arrive:

Time you think Luke will arrive:

Total length of labor (not counting the past 3 weeks):

Luke’s length:

Luke’s weight:

Color of Luke’s hair:

Color of Luke’s eyes:

It is so much more fun if you answer all of the questions rather than picking and choosing. It’s just for fun so it really doesn’t matter if you guess right or wrong.


16 thoughts on “10 Days Left and Just For Fun Pool

  1. I hope he arrives sooner rather than later. If I was a betting person I’d say sooner now that the rest of your mucus plug has come loose.

    I don’t know about time differences so I’m going to say that I think he will arrive 24 hours from now. Hopefully only 5 hours of active labour. I’m going to say 53cm (sorry not sure inches) and 8 pound 3. Brown hair, blue eyes (I think most anglo saxon babies come out with blue eyes and then they change as they get older).

    Good luck!

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  2. Wow I’m glad it sounds like things are progressing!! Here are my guesses:
    Date you think Luke will arrive: Monday, the 20th
    Time you think Luke will arrive: 7:35pm
    Total length of labor (not counting the past 3 weeks): 6 hours hard labor
    Luke’s length: 19 inches
    Luke’s weight: 6lb 12oz
    Color of Luke’s hair: brown
    Color of Luke’s eyes: dark blue, that will turn brown as he grows
    I hope he comes soon for you! I’ll keep an eye on my Facebook, since I feel like you update there first lol!

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  3. I hope he comes sooner rather than later and that you have a quick labour. Very excited for you!
    Date you think Luke will arrive: Wed 7/22 (my best friend’s son’s bday)
    Time you think Luke will arrive: Noonish
    Total length of labor (not counting the past 3 weeks): I’m not good at this part 13hours + 4 hours active labour (sorryyy)
    Luke’s length: hmm let me google averages lol 22in
    Luke’s weight: 7.2lbs
    Color of Luke’s hair: dark brown
    Color of Luke’s eyes: the standard newborn baby colour haha but they’ll end up brown is my guess.


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