Pregnancy Decisions Are Difficult

For me, decisions are a difficult thing to come by. I have to do my research to figure out what would be the best option for me and my family before coming to a decisive conclusion. More often than not I then turn around and have remorse wondering if I made the right choice or if I should have done things differently. Decision making while pregnant is probably the most difficult that I have experienced. There are so many decisions that need to be made, usually pretty immediately and I am really struggling with what to do.

The Morphine Sleep Decision

The biggest thing right now is the morphine induced sleep I am supposed to go do tomorrow. I am so exhausted and at this point don’t know if I would have enough energy to safely deliver Luke on my own. I can barely cope with everyday life right now and the lack of sleep is really starting to affect me. I try so hard to be happy and cheerful throughout the day, so much so that my breakdown at the doctors office yesterday thoroughly shocked my husband. I was reading about the morphine sleep, because like many of you out there, I was concerned with the effects it would have on my little one……and am trying to figure out if it is “worth it” to go in for the sleep.

The cons to doing the sleep are that morphine does cross the placenta, and would therefore have the same effects on Luke that it would have on me (i.e. it would put him to sleep and make him groggy). It can also impair his respiratory function and breast feeding ability. On the up side, I would get some much needed rest in preparation for labor, and it might just jump start labor. Quite a few studies have been done on morphine induced sleep and show that in up to 85% of all pregnancies in which morphine is used to help the mom rest, the morphine is enough to relax the mom enough to get active labor started when labor has been stalled for an extended period of time.

This presents its own set of decisions. Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks 4 days……not quite full term. While Luke would do perfectly fine outside of me at this point in time, there is still some final touches that would be beneficial to him. If I do the morphine sleep tomorrow, there is a chance that I can go into labor early. Do I risk having him a bit earlier than 40 weeks to get rest, or do I go for it and if he comes he comes?

The Induction Decision

At this point in time. induction will not be an option until I am overdue apparently. The clinic that I go to, in the hospital I am going to deliver at does not induce unless it is a medical necessity. At this point there is nothing to suggest either myself or Luke would benefit from inducing now. It doesn’t matter to them that I am in so much pain I can barely function and that I have slept for a little more than 8 hours total in 2 weeks……the baby is fine so he can continue to bake.

At my next appointment though I am going to be very insistent on induction at or the day before my EDD. We know that the dating is spot on and wouldn’t be an issue. That being said, part of me wants him to come on his own terms free from intervention. To be quite frank, forcing him out seems incredibly harsh (crazy, I know). Although a planned induction sounds much better than an emergency c-section any day of the week.

The Eye Drop/Vaccine Dilema

When I originally wrote my birth plan I was all for the eye drops, vitamin K shot and Hep B injection. As we approach delivery I am less and less okay with the eye drops. From my understanding (based on what I have read online and in books) eye drops are used to prevent infection which could cause blindness from chlamydia and gonorrhea…….neither of which I have ever had. Why would I try to prevent something from happening, when it isn’t even a possibility in the first place? It doesn’t make much sense.

As far as the vitamin K and Hep B, most of my feelings on that have to do with not wanting to give my baby pokes. I’m scared that he’ll have a reaction or something. I can see the benefits to both, but can also see the downside to them as well. That being said, we will be vaccinating our child…… I just don’t know that I want to do it right away.

The Car Dilemma

This really has hardly anything to do with having a baby, aside from just having a more practical car to bring him home and tote him around in. My hubby and I are both getting SUV’s rather than the 2 door coupe that we currently share. I have no idea what car to get and am going to miss the car that we have now. I’m really sentimental and can’t even begin to imagine life without the first car we had together (even though he had it before we met). I also cried when we moved from our first and second apartments.

We are getting hubby a car today so I can try to work on him a bit on keeping the other car.

The Natural Labor Induction Techniques

Everyone has heard that walking, nipple stimulation, spicy foods and sex can bring on labor. Part of me wants to have sex and then go for a walk while rubbing my nipples and munching on a ghost pepper. The other part of me feels like if I were to try to get labor started now I would be doing my son a great injustice by not letting him come on his own. 


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Decisions Are Difficult

  1. I can’t help you make any of those decisions, obviously, but 38/4 days is considered full-term, anything after 37 is really. If you are in such distress, do you think that has a negative effect on the baby? Just playing devil’s advocate here, I think it’s better to get some rest and then get labor going once you have the energy. Just my opinion, only you and your husband will know what is best for you and your baby.


    • One suggestion: I’m 27.5 weeks with twins and measuring 44 weeks in singleton terms. I’m still sleeping great thanks to Diclegis, which is basically Unisom and B6. Unisom is class A, safe during pregnancy. Have you tried any OTC sleep aids? Morphine is scary stuff, so just thought I’d throw that out there. 🙂


  2. You are doing so great! Research is good. For what it’s worth I don’t see natural induction methods as being the same as medical induction. I think they are more likely to work if your body is pretty much ready if that makes sense. Hmmmm if it was me I’d choose the sleep I think (so hard to say) as being medically induced was an awful experience for me. I’d rsther be rested and perhaps naturally start labour but I can 100% understand your concern about it crossing the placenta. How much do they give you? If it is the same amount as what you would have when labouring then that seems reasonable. Inducing sleep makes it seem like it might be more. Such a hard decision. I hope things become clear for you one way or another. X


  3. These are big decisions and they are really only yours to make, it’s such a personal thing. Sorry, no help there, ha! But did want to say I totally relate to having trouble making decisions especially while pregnant, and when they have to be made so quickly. It’s not easy. Hang in there!

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