Did I Fall Asleep?

The last full night of sleep I have had was July 3, 2015. Starting on the fourth I have only had about an hour (or less) of sleep each night thanks to the inability to get comfortable and some pretty bad contractions. When I went into OB screening on the 6th the midwife gave me 2 ambien to take when I got home. She said it wouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes and I would be out cold. I laid wide awake until 3am when I got my first 3 minutes of sleep for the night. The next night I tried to take some unisom. I know that it is safe for pregnancy……..it didn’t do anything for me. The next night I tried 2 Benadryl……didn’t phase me at all. The contractions kept coming and I couldn’t sleep through them. Yesterday when I went back to Ob screening with some “really fun” contractions, they gave me 2 Percocet and 2 viseril before leaving. 

I still didn’t sleep through the night, but it was a little bit better. The Percocet was enough to ease the contractions some and the viseril/Percocet combo seemed to relax me some. I was able to sleep for about 20 minutes at a time rather than 3, but I still wasn’t able to fall asleep for awhile. I got a bit more sleep snuggling with “Stinky” for a grand total of about 3 hours of sleep last night. Once the Percocet and viseril wore off I was in excruciating pain. It was rapid fire contractions for a bit.

At this point I can’t tell who wants me to sleep more, me or Ronny. He’s getting pretty annoyed and creeped out at waking up with me staring at him all night long. At this point I think that I may need to go in for the morphine sleep. I don’t know how much longer I can take the lack of sleep. I’m starting to get mean and I don’t want to be.

P.s. You’d be surprised at what is on tv in the middle of the night.


7 thoughts on “Did I Fall Asleep?

  1. lol I had to laugh at your PS. You poor thing!!! Maybe the morphine sleep is the go. You still have a birth to go through and you don’t want to be exhausted right at the beginning. Oh dear. But then I’m sure you don’t feel like taking a big dose of morphine unless you feel you have to and at which point does it become a HAVE to. I wish you a nice big rest before the main event begins. x


  2. All I can say is OMG! And u must be so tired. Im sorry! It sucks. I dont know what its like to be an insomniac from being so pregnant and in pain, but I do know how awful it is to get no rest. Praying that your baby is a great sleeper and u will make up for all that lost time!


  3. Yikes. I can imagine how you must be feeling. Maybe going in for the Morphine would be the way to go right now. I’m sorry that you’ve been having so many contractions for so long and not really making progress. I really hope that Luke decides to come out very soon so you can maybe get a bit of relief!


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