What Was That?

This is not the post that I had intended for the day, but as we all know life doesn’t always go according to plan. Something bizzare happened today, and I’m not quite sure what it was. I barely slept last night with some pretty hearty period like cramps (think worst period cramps ever and then multiply it by 50). While I was in the car I felt a very painful pop feeling come from my cervix. This is obviously something I’ve never experienced, nor heard of so I have no idea what the heck it was. The weirdest part was, not only did I feel the pop sensation but it made an audible popping sound. 

Within seconds of feeling the pop I had a warm sensation between my legs; not enough to consider it a gush of fluid but definitely noticeable wetness. Aside from that first gush of liquid I haven’t noticed any more leaking of fluid. At the same time the contractions that I had been feeling picked up drastically in duration and intensity. The contractions went from 3.5 minutes apart and 45 seconds long to 3 minutes apart and 1.5 minutes long. According to the good folks from Dr. Google, the majority of pregnant women who experienced the pop in their vagina went in and found out that their water had broken but the baby’s head was covering the opening preventing water from leaking. The only other thing I found was some women felt their pubic bone seperate as the baby engaged fully and described the feeling as if something popped.

I haven’t gone in to OB screening yet because quite frankly I don’t want to be sent home yet again. It’s really depressing when you go in thinking something is going on only to be told you aren’t far enough into it yet and to go home. Ronny of course is keeping a close eye on me and ready to go at a moments notice. 

Have you had this feeling? If you’ve had it, what did it turn out to be? Have you heard of this?


18 thoughts on “What Was That?

  1. When they broke my water it “popped” and only a little gush… the OB pushed on my tummy to get G to shift a little to allow the fluid all out, and there was still more that came when she shifted again later in the night! The only worry with not going in after your water breaks is the risk of infection if it’s tooooo long. I have no idea how long too long is though. Lol

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  2. Go see your OB!!! Once your water breaks infection can get into the baby so they need to at least know it has happened as there will be a specific timeframe for you to go into labour before they bring you in as the infection risk is so high. And trust me, you don’t want to end up with an infection during labour (I did). Problematic for you and bub. Sounds like this is pretty much it! Good luck!

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    • Thank you ma’am. I just don’t know if it was my water. It could have been discharge or pee just as easily. Unfortunately I peed my pants shortly after that so it couldn’t be tested anyways. I haven’t had any more noticeable leaking but we’ll see how the rest of the night goes and I’ll call in the morning if things don’t settle down.


      • They can do a scan amd measure the fluid left on the sac. I had a similar thing happen. It ended up being my hind waters breaking amd when they measured my fluid it was really low. I didn’t notice a leak but within 2 days it was so low they couldn’t even measure it anymore and that can cause all sorts of issues. Not meaning to freak you out. Just passing the info on. 🙂

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  3. you definitely need to get checked – they can do a test on any fluid in the vagina to check if it’s amniotic fluid. hopefully it was just the forebag. i wouldn’t mess around with this. good luck!


    • There are a few updates after that post 🙂 I went to OB screening and while they don’t know what the pop was, they could clearly see the contractions on the monitor. Unfortunately I am still not dilated enough to be admitted and was sent home with some medications to help me sleep.

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