Uh Oh! Troll Alert

I seem to have caught a case of the trolls, who are harassing me on my blog, through email and on Facebook regarding a post I did months ago on my birth plan. When I wrote the post, I wrote it with the intention of possibly helping others with their own birth plan, who may have needed a bit of help getting started. I did not anticipate the backlash harassment that it would cause months later. As such, I have decided to temporarily password protect said post until the trolls move on to something else.

As a side note: I love the fact that members of the ttc community are so non-judgmental when it comes to choices that have to be made. The amount of respect I have gotten from the community on the choices we have made from conception to delivery and beyond, regardless of whether or not others would make the same choices. It really saddens me that there are people in the world that actively seek out people to prey on whose views are different than their own. Further more, no amount of harassment is going to make me change my mind. My husband and I have done our research, talked to our doctor and made decisions that are best for us, our child and our family as a whole.


19 thoughts on “Uh Oh! Troll Alert

    • Thank you! I’m more upset I think about the fact that the comments prevented me from getting a morning nap in because my phone kept going off than anything, but it’s still frustrating to no end that someone would actively seek out people to harass that way. Oh, well. Trolls will be trolls

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that. I wish people would just leave us the heck alone. :/ Bah! Well I hope they stop spamming you and leave you along soon.


  2. That’s the last thing you need right now. I’m always baffled by the almighty row in regards to circumcise as we don’t do it here (in the UK it’s frowned upon) but can see it’s a very passionate subject over the water! Goodness I would never dream of telling another person how to parent their child or Harass them due their decisions regardless!! So sorry this is happening mama 😦


  3. oh that’s terrible! That’s just crazy. I did not recall you posting some kind of scandalous birth plan so I read through the comments and saw it was about circumcision. WTF is wrong with people? Our kiddo had it done, it went well and healed up quickly and now his dad is like, “look at that good looking penis!” He feels it was part of setting him up for success with the ladies later on…LOL

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