35 Weeek Prental Appointment

Today was my 35 week prenatal appointment. I actually had 2 appointments: one with high risk Ob and one with the pelvic pain specialist. Overall both appointments went extremely well. I couldn’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have 2 Ob appointments go well in a row, with the added bonus of the pelvic pain appointment going swimmingly as usual. Because we covered so much information I am going to bullet point the topics for easier reading.

Pelvic Pain Appointment

  • The first thing we did was talk about the pain in my abdomen and vagina and came up with the trigger point plan for this visit. The doctor injected the area next to my belly button and did a puedendal nerve block to help with the lightening crotch feeling I’ve been having.
  • We discussed post delivery pain management and decided that I would need Percocet due to then said allergy.
  • She took a look at my abdominal muscles. Apparently the Dino belly I have been having is diastasis recti. Basically what it means is that my abdominal muscles have separated too much and I no longer have the support of my abdominal muscles to hold everything up. This will make a vaginal birth a bit more complicated as I will need a splint to help hold things together when I push or I risk tearing the muscles and causing a hernia.
  • I will not see her again until delivery. I am to have her paged when I go into labor so she can come do a puedendal block for me and hang out for a bit, and then schedule an appointment for 1 month post delivery so she can check the abdominal muscles and get me into physical therapy.

Here is the diastasis in action. It’s hard to see in the picture but my abdominal muscles are on the sides with a large soft section that protrudes in the middle.

OB Appointment

  • I did not have the ultrasound confirming fetal position. Luke is definitely head down and while he is still floating a tiny bit, his head is pressing on my cervix. I will not have any more scans between now and delivery unless something happens before then.
  • My fundal height is measuring spot on for gestational age. Lukes heart rate is also looking good and a very strong 130 bpm.
  • Luke is an estimated 5.5 pounds. The Ob said he could possibly be close to 6 pounds but she thinks he is a lot closer to 5.5 pounds which is right where he should be. She estimates him at 7.5 pounds at birth.
  • They did the GSB test and she checked my cervix while there. I am currently 50% effaced but have not begun to dilate yet. The general consensus amongst the Ob’s is that I will likely not make it to 40 weeks given the preterm contractions paired with effacement. There is no guess as to when he will arrive though. 
  • There is still some confusion about when they would do an induction if need be. It is dangerous for me to go past 40 weeks, but induction is apparently incredibly painful and since I can’t have the epidural they aren’t sure what to do. 
  • Nipples are not supposed to burn when leaking colostrum. She advised putting aquaphor on them to seal out the wetness. She also took a look at my flat nipple and doesn’t think I will have any problem breastfeeding from that side. She also thinks that a nipple shield will not do much for me.
  • I opted to skip my 36 week appointment and come in at 37 weeks instead. Of course if anything changes I can come in next week if need be.  

7 thoughts on “35 Weeek Prental Appointment

  1. I think I have not kept up well as last I read you were havung a c section under general (I think – or maybe it was just considering). As long as it goes well for you whatever you do. Seems great so far.


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