Finally Getting Back To Normal

With the exception of a physical therapy appointment on Monday for my mom, a high risk OB appointment for me to follow up after a change in med dosage on Thursday, and my mom getting the stitches removed from her foot on Thursday; life is getting back to normal this week. I am so excited to finally be getting back to normal – even if they are going to change again in a few weeks.

This past week was pretty chaotic with making sure everyone was taken care of. My husband and I were able to take a mini vacation over the last part of the week, going up to his mom’s house for a few days. We left Thursday after our OB appointment and drove around Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods, scouting out locations for where we were going to take maternity photos. When we got to my mother in laws, we hung out for a little while and then went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

On Friday, my husband and I got up and did the maternity shoot. We only did part of it because I really want some pictures with him in them. It was fun, but I am not quite so photogenic and really noticed a difference in the size of my body from pre-pregnancy to now. Either way, I am happy with the way the photos turned out and will post them once we do some editing and cropping. Here is my favorite one so far:


I do have a few craft projects that I need to wrap up in the next few weeks, and some cleaning and organizing to do. The major goal of the week is to rest as much as possible and take care of mostly myself.


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