33 Week OB Appointment

I had an appointment this morning with the high risk Ob. Ronny and I arrived early, bright eyed and bushy tailed, fully prepared to spend several hours there. The appointment actually went really well (although according to my husband I was rude to the doctor twice: more on that in a sec).

The first thing we did was talk about my breathing troubles. My peak flow should be in the 300-400 range, and at my very best I am able to blow 260-280. At my worst my numbers are in the mid 100’s. I use the rescue inhaler at least twice a day and they are a bit concerned. I am to increase my preventative inhaler to four puffs twice a day instead of 2 puffs twice a day and see them again next week for a checkup. 

We then talked about Lukes position a little bit and I mentioned that he keeps going back and forth between transverse, breech and head down. We got a quick little scan and he was head down, with a heart rate of 134 bpm. Each time we go to the doctor his heart is a little slower and I start to panic. I know that he can’t be born with his heart beating that fast, but it’s still a bit scary. We will do a repeat scan at 35 weeks. If he’s transverse or breech at that scan we will discuss version and c-section options. I informed the doctor that I feel more comfortable with letting Luke be where he is comfortable and alive and opt for the c-section rather than put him or I at risk to turn him. I then got this whole shpill about how versions are actually less risky than sections are, but I stuck to my ground. I would rather put myself at risk in a section than put both of us at risk in a version. Either way though, hes head down right now and if he’s that way in 2 weeks then we don’t have to worry about it until it comes to the actual delivery. 

They haven’t received the results of the GSB that I had done in labor and delivery on Tuesday last week. The doctor said regardless of the result, they will repeat the test at 35 weeks for delivery and if I go into labor before that they will treat as if the test were positive.

I did get a bit snappy when the doctor said I need to be drinking between 6 and 8 bottles of water a day. I can pretty much gurantee that doesn’t happen now, and probably never will. I am not a person who is ever thirsty and have never in my life liked the taste of water. In fact my mom had to add sugar to my bottles when I was a baby to get me to drink some water. I didn’t mean to be rude but I am working so hard on drinking more and my efforts are never recognized. Pre pregnancy I would have considered myself doing well if I finished a glass of tea. Now I’m getting at least a bottle of water and a few cans of sprite in me a day. 

I also got snappy when the doctor talked about birth control options. Ronny and I have discussed the future and the nuts and bolts of the issue are we are going to do the pull out method for the first 6 months or until I have my foot surgery and then not try not prevent for a few months (like 3) before actively starting again. The doctor didn’t like that plan and was going off on all the risks of getting pregnant sooner than 2 years and whatnot. My thinking is that if it happens it happens. It took 2 years to get this far and I’m not postponing the attempt at future babies in case it takes that long again. If it happens sooner, it happens sooner. I didn’t need a lecture on why my choice was a bad one, it’s my choice. Actually that’s my husbands choice. I would start trying right away if my husband let me. 

Next week we go back to check my breathing. The week after that is an ultrasound to check position, blood draw, GSB, and possible c-cession schedule. After that its weekly checks until delivery.
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18 thoughts on “33 Week OB Appointment

  1. thanks for sharing!! I love your updates, specifically because we are so clue in due date (maybe a day or two from each other). I see a high risk OB regularly too. hang in there and stand your ground. I’m like you, i’ll do whatever baby likes or prefers. I look forward to when you introduce luke. when do they expect you to deliver? we are so close!!

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  2. Well hopefully he will stay put so that you won’t have to worry about any of these things. That being said…your Dr should be more supportive of you and your decisions. I’d be pretty upset with him if I were you, on both matters. Not every can drink a ton of water every day, that doesn’t make them unhealthy. And if you want to start trying again in a short while, that’s only your own business. I was a little annoyed with my Dr the other day for the same thing. We were talking about freezing embies, and he said that we’d probably be using them in 2 years. B corrected him and said we would only wait 1 year, but the Dr said that no we would wait 2, so that the first baby would be out of the baby phase. I kept my mouth shut since we have so many other things to deal with first (like making a first baby, and fighting to have 2 embies transferred when we’ve already been told we can only do 1). Anyway…I hope your Dr is less difficult in the future, and things go smoothly when the time comes!

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    • Thank you! It was aggravating having someone tell me what I can and cannot do! I also believe that the difference in one and two embies isn’t that much…..it’s not like you want to transfer 8 of them or anything. You are paying them for a service!

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      • Yes!! I feel like it’s my body, and my embies, and I should be able to do what I want with them…to a certain extent anyway. Plus, I just don’t like to be told what to do, and I like to have things my way. We’ll see how this argument pans out lol!

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  3. I’m totally with you on birth control. I didn’t want to use anything which my doctor didn’t like and suggested waiting a year. We discussed it and my husband would like to prevent for at least a little while. So we decided on barrier for 6-9 months then no prevention until one year when we will start trying again.

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  4. I am so mad the doctor would be so forward on when you should get pregnant again. I get it. They want to be helpful and keep you safe, but in reality, it’s none of their business. They can advise, but not lecture. It’s just not right. Especially with how hard you’ve had to work on getting your baby, how inconsiderate to even go there. Any time I’ve ever had the privledge of having a baby, the doctor has asked me what I will do for birth control or if if like to get my tubes tied! And each time I’ve felt so invaded. It’s simply none of their business. It’s between me, my husband and the Lord. Period. So sorry you had to deal with that. Sorry. I’m pretty hormonal myself right now so excuse my rant! 😀

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    • I agree completely!! I think that a large part of the problem is that I see a different resident every time I go in and they 1) don’t know about our infertility struggles and 2) are very young and don’t have children of their own. If you haven’t struggled you don’t know what it’s like to be told you have to wait. Either way, it’s her job to deliver this baby safely……not lecture me on what might possibly happen if we conceive close to the birth of this guy.


  5. That’s so weird, my obgyn was all over me too right before and right after delivery, about birth control. Then at my two week check up she practically came unglued that I wasn’t on the pill yet…please. Two weeks past emergency c-section and she’s worried about birth control. Settle down. I never did go on it, not for any reason or principle, basically because I figured if we did get pregnant naturally it would be a miracle and why would I want to prevent that? To be fair, my doctor said it is extremely dangerous to become pregnant within nine months of a section (no idea if that’s true or not since it did not happen) so I guess she was worried about a ruptured uterus.

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  6. On the pregnancy before 1 year thing. If you have a vaginal birth, you would probably be okay (although it’s still not recommended because it takes your body about a year to return to normal state after pregnancy). But if you end up with a C-section you should wait a year and you should prevent. The dangers involved with getting pregnant too soon after a C are real and shouldn’t be ignored. You are at high risk for hemorrhage because the incision area is not fully healed. Forget about waiting a year, there’s risk involved with pregnancy after C no matter what because if the baby implants over your scar tissue you could hemorrhage then too. I think especially with your bleeding issues you shouldn’t be so flip about this. Read information on C-sections if you have one, it’s not about “choice” it’s about keeping you and your future baby safe. Just saying.


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