32 Week Bumpdate

Holy Guacamole!!! 32 weeks have gone by and I am still pregnant. Who would have ever thought that it could happen to me? I am so amazed everyday at what my body is doing (although sometimes I’m ready to just have my body back to myself) and so incredibly thankful for the miracle that is growing inside of me.

Week 32 started out with quite the scare and another trip to labor and delivery. Thankfully everything was okay, and I was sent home for some rest and relaxation. I didn’t get much rest or relaxation due to my birthday, my anniversary and my mom having surgery…….but I didn’t go back to labor and delivery so that is a plus.

Symptom wise I had a whole lot of the same things, with just a few differences:

Nausea/Vomiting: Yep! Still puking and still sick feeling all the time. I am starting to get used to the feeling and try not to complain too much about it anymore. We knew that it was probably going to last the whole pregnancy and now I am hoping that when Luke is delivered the nausea and vomiting go away.

Moodiness: Okay, so I have been crying non-stop this week. I am just feeling so overwhelmed with everything that has been going on and hormones definitely aren’t helping the situation out AT ALL. I haven’t cried in the bottom of the closet in a while, but I have been close a few times.

Contractions: One thing we learned in the labor and delivery ward at the hospital was that I am experiencing an early onset of preterm contractions. Long gone are the days of Braxton Hicks…..and oh, how I miss them. At least they weren’t painful. My contractions are currently sitting between 5 and 15 minutes apart and have been since Memorial Day. I’m not too worried, and neither is the doctor. My mom actually had preterm contractions with my brother but they had to give her medicine to make her labor stop.

Bladder Control: My bladder seems to have grown a brain this week and decides when it will and will not empty. Usually it decides to empty itself at the worst possible moment (like the Rockies game on my birthday, or at my husbands work). It gets really bad when Luke starts moving around down there and bumps into it.

Nipple Wetness: This one may be TMI, but who cares?!?! If I have something resting on my chest or if something rubs on my nipples, they get sort of moist. I haven’t seen any actual fluid come out of them yet but they feel like a rung out wash cloth. When it dries my nipple gets a kind of weird crust to it that I have to go wash off. I think my boobs are starting to figure out this whole milk as a means of food thing.

Difficulty Breathing: I don’t know if its my asthma acting up or if its the increasing size of my tiny tot, but I have had some pretty difficult times with breathing lately. The inhaler works some of the time, but I have a constant pressure in my chest that just won’t go away. I’ve tried antacids too thinking it might be heart burn but it doesn’t really do the trick either. I have been measuring my peak flow when I can and cannot breath and am still in the yellow and red areas.

Increased sex drive: Mom and mother in law….if you’re reading this, skip this symptom. In the first trimester I had no desire whatsoever to be romantic with my husband. In fact I didn’t want him to touch me aside from a hug and a snuggle. The second trimester hit and I was a bit more willing and able to achieve orgasm until my belly started getting in the way. Nothing sexier than a baby kicking in the middle of a nice steamy moment. Now that we are approaching our final weeks of pregnanthood, I find myself so incredibly attracted to my husband. I can’t seem to get enough of him. I don’t think he minds, but he also knows that he will be sex free for at least a month after the tiny person arrives.

Anxious: It may be the fact that this pregnancy is coming to an end, or the fact that Luke is being stubborn and causing mommy some grief but my level of anxiety is higher every day. I am anxious for his arrival, of not knowing what is going to happen and just worried that we don’t have everything we are going to need to properly care for this little guy.

Fatigue/Insomnia: The level of sleepiness I am feeling has no words. I am so exhausted and push through the days only to not be able to get much sleep at night. I struggle throughout the day and I think it is starting to be noticeable. “Charlie” has stopped asking me to play in the hose with him and would rather curl up on my belly and watch some shows on my iPad.

Luke is still doing fantastic. Although technically part of my 33 week bumpdate, Luke did make it to the breech position on Sunday night, but was back to transverse Monday morning. He did flip though so his head was on my right and his legs were on my left. Last night he was able to make it head down for a few hours but I was so uncomfortable in so much pain he must have felt it and flipped back to his original transverse position by the time I woke up. You can see from the picture that he was able to get his butt up by my ribs and created a nice little shelf.


As far as weight gain and size goes, last week I weighed in at 133.?. This week I weighed in at 130.4 I’m not sure how I lost 3 pounds in a week but it happened. Overall I am up 28.8 pounds since my pre-pregnancy weight and expect to be roughly 137 if I make it the full 40 weeks. So……not too shabby. I did gain another inch in the midsection this week, measuring in at a whopping 42 inches around! I’ve gained 15 inches in the midsection!! I did read an interesting thing though that said that after 33 weeks you don’t get much larger around because the baby has reached their birth height and is focusing on putting on fat.


We did get almost everything we need from our registry. Some of the stuff we still need is cheaper online than it was in the store so I need to get that ordered, but we are almost done.

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