Surviving the Week – Beating Chaos

It’s 4pm on Sunday afternoon, and I am finally laying in bed getting some much needed rest. This week has been nothing short of complete chaos. While I normally do pretty well with stressful situations, I have been known lately to curl up in the closet and allow myself a good cry when things get to be too much to handle. As I enter my 9th (out of 10) month of pregnancy, the last thing I need is to be worried about everyone else, yet things are so hectic that is exactly what I am. After running around town and making sure everyone else is taken care of, I am exhausted by the time I get home.

I have been so busy and so tired that I haven’t had time to do some of the things I like to do. I am pretty far behind on what has been going on this week. There is a ton to catch up on!

June 1st: On Monday, I spent the day at my parents helping my mom take care of my nephews. She was still on a no lifting restriction following her epidural steroid injection the Thursday before. I stayed to watch the boys while my mom went to have the MRI on her foot and to sign the paperwork for her surgery that Friday.

June 2nd: On Tuesday, Luke was going absolutely crazy in my belly. I spent the day once again at my parents helping to take care of the boys. My husband and I woke up late that morning and I ended up taking him to work before heading to my parents. Driving has become extremely difficult. My feet barely reach the pedals and my belly rubs against the steering wheel. Before leaving to pick my husband up, Luke was very active and his movements were quite painful.

When I got to my husbands work, I was cramping pretty badly and had to use the restroom. I thought I peed myself but after some investigation (and the start of contractions) when we got home, a trip to Labor and Delivery was in our future. 3 hours later doctors confirmed that I was not in preterm labor, but have been experiencing preterm contractions for over a week. The line on the left is measuring uterine contractions, the line on the right is tracking fetal heart rate.

IMG_1985June 3rd: The day I turned 31. I can’t believe that I am 31 and still working on having my first baby. The day wasn’t exactly what I hoped it would be, but it was still a great day. My husband and I went shopping for shirts to wear to the Colorado Rockies game and then my parents, brother, husband and I went to the game. Unfortunately it rained a TON and I had to leave by the 7th inning because the contractions were getting to be too much. It was fun though.

Rockies game with my love!

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June 4th: My husband had the day off. I spent part of the day with my mom running some errands before she went in for surgery the next morning, and we met my husband at Target to go shopping for the rest of the baby stuff and to get “Stinky” a birthday present. Unfortunately I forgot the list of stuff we still needed, and rather than go in blindly trying to remember what we need Ronny and I decided to go to a different target later in the day. We did end up getting most of the stuff we had left to get for Luke, but the store was sold out of some stuff. We still need to get the breast milk freezer trays, an audio monitor, two packages of Gerber prefold diapers, nursing tank tops, and a thermometer.

June 5th: By far the most difficult day of the week was Friday. I got up at 5am to get ready and my husband dropped me off at my parents house on his way to work. My mom was scheduled for surgery to remove the neuroma in her foot as well as fix a bone that was rubbing on another bone. My dad took my mom to the surgery center and I stayed to watch the boys – who get to my parents at about 6:30am Monday through Friday. Chasing a 1 year old and a 4 year old while having contractions every 6ish minutes is NOT a fun way to spend the day. My dad dropped my mom off at home on his way to work at about 10am, leaving me to take care of the boys and my mom until my husband arrived at 1pm so I could go to my foot doctor appointment. That appointment went really well and the doctor was very accommodating in writing a letter stating that he does recommend the neuroma removal and that it had to be postponed until after delivery. Hopefully the insurance company gets that soon! I went back to my parents where I took over watching the boys and my mom until my sister came to get the kids. I then hung out for a bit and cooked dinner for my mom and dad (really I just heated up the corn my sister brought over along with the roasted chicken she picked up from the store). Ronny and I got home around 8pm and I was asleep by 9.

June 6th: While this should have been a rest day, I didn’t really rest. I got the apartment cleaned up a little, put away the baby stuff we bought on Thursday and did dishes and laundry. I also took the afternoon to catch up on the blog and forum worlds. I did go over to my parents around 6pm to cook a spaghetti dinner for the family before coming home and crashing. I had been having allergy attacks all day so I took a Benadryl and conked out.

June 7th: It’s hard to believe that I survived the week. A year ago today I woke up with “Charlie” and my husband asleep in my bed after my sister had just delivered “Stinky”. The plan was a pool party at my sisters apartment complex but since Ronny had to work we got there at about noon, had lunch, watched the boys open presents and then left right after the cake. I have since spent the past 2 hours trying to get an extra car seat base ordered on using a prepaid American Express gift card. I just got the little sucker to go through after calling the help desk. I filmed my 31 week bumpdate (I know it is late too) and am now just laying in bed catching up on some shows before the new seasons start. I plan on making a peach smoothie for dinner and just relaxing until the hubster gets home from work.

Next week is going to be just as busy. Our 2nd wedding anniversary is tomorrow. The plan is to go to the butterfly pavilion where we got married and then go out to dinner. We may try to take a few maternity photos while we are there. Tuesday my mom has a re-check on her foot that I have to drive her to since she is now on a no lifting and no driving restriction. Thursday we have an OB appointment and are hopefully going up to Colorado Springs (well just outside of it) to visit Ronny’s mom one last time before the baby comes. We are going to be taking maternity photos up in Garden of the Gods and will attempt to go to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday, before heading home to start another busy week.


7 thoughts on “Surviving the Week – Beating Chaos

      • That’s what I was told too, but you can see how well that’s been going lol. The official diagnosis is preterm contractions unaccompanied by preterm labor. They aren’t Braxton hicks, they are actual contraction contractions, they just aren’t causing my cervix to dilate yet (which could be because Luke isn’t head down yet)


      • I know it can be hard to take it easy but it’s so important to keep Luke in at least past 34 weeks. You don’t owe anything to anybody but your baby boy right now. Everyone else can figure out how to take care of themselves and their own kids. Honestly, trust me when I say it’s not worth anything risking a premie. You need to keep that baby baking. I’m so passionate about this given how badly things went with my daughter and other women I know.
        Rest, don’t lift anything more than 15lbs…or less. Just relax! Do your crafts and relax!!! 🙂

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