31 Week Bumpdate

I am sorry this post got out so late. I had every intention of writing it on Tuesday, but a trip to labor and delivery kind of put a halt on my blogging for a bit. I will do a separate post on what happened later but don’t worry, everything is pretty ok. So onto my 31 week update. 

Week 31 has definitely been an emotional roller coaster. I did alright on Tuesday and Wednesday but from Thursday on I am a mess. My emotions are not only all over the place but are pretty extreme. At one point I remember laughing hysterically at something and then going to the bathroom. At some point while on the toilet the tears from laughing too hard turned to tears of pure sadness. There was nothing to be sad about and yet here I was crying. I don’t know if it’s my hormones changing again and getting ready for delivery or if the stress of the pregnancy being in its final stages is getting to me. All I know is emotions are going bonkers.

Starting on Monday (Memorial Day) I began having what I thought were Braxton hicks. I didn’t think much of it to be honest. I then started noticing a weird vaginal pain that I hadn’t experienced before. I googled it and it seemed  to be either baby hitting the cervix (a little weird given his position) or the start of dialation. I had also been experiencing frequent urination, difficulties sleeping, difficulty breathing and swelling. 

I brought all of these issues up with the doctor at my 31 week appointment. I had a contraction walking to the room and another one when I was being examined. This apparently sent some red flags flying and they told me to go to labor and delivery for an nst and further evaluation because she thought I was in premature labor. Labor and delivery was all full of women actually on labor so the doctor did a quick exam, ultrasound and swab test. At that point my cervix was not dialated and was still long so I was good to go. 

During the appointment we discussed the possibility of me being in labor, and what that meant for delivery as Luke is still very much transverse (hasn’t moved from his position when they were worried at 29 weeks). We also takes about what happens if he doesn’t flip. We are given until my 35 week appointment for him to flip. If he does great, if he doesn’t they want to do an Ecv with possible c-section between 37-38 weeks. So that’s been pretty stressful. 

Luke is doing amazing though. He weighs about 4 pounds by now and is getting bigger everyday. Mom is getting bigger too. My waist now measures 41 inches around and I weighed in at 133 pounds even. My belly seems to have grown some and I am still right on track. 



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