Back Doctor, Thrilling OB Appointment and A Busy Schedule

It seems like these past few weeks and next however many months are going to be filled with tons of appointments – not only for me, but for some of my family members as well. It always seems like we have a huge time frame where nothing really happens, and then everything happens all at once for awhile…..the more important something is, the more things that are also going on at that time.

On Wednesday, I had an appointment with the doctor who was looking at my back issues in November. It was quite the wasted trip as she basically went back on everything she told me in November and is throwing  a stink because I didn’t come back to her in my second trimester to discuss physical therapy. Well, I’m sorry…..I’m a bit busy with other things going on. I basically went to get documentation for why the nerve study needed to be done for the insurance company. While there I wanted to ask her if the moves from would hurt my back if we tried them to get the baby to move. She basically focused on the fact that I am pregnant the whole time and kept saying that we won’t know what needs to be done until I give birth. Um…….pretty sure I started seeing you before we found out we were expecting. Why would the plan have changed? It was such a frustrating appointment.

Meanwhile, my mom was at physical therapy for her back. I don’t know if I ever did a recap on her situation but she is going in for physical therapy twice a week to rehab her back. She is also having an epidural steroid injection (today) to help with some of the swelling in her spine. The procedure went really well. Although she’s in some pain now its hopefully going to knock the pain out for the next little while. Next week she will be having surgery to remove a neuroma, possibly 2, from her foot.

Today I had my OB appointment. I am on bi-monthly appointments for now. It seems like something happens at every appointment that I go to. I am going to preface this with the hidden secret that I had been having contractions since Monday when I was helping my parents plant their garden. They aren’t really close together or anything and I thought that I could get them to stop on my own like they have before….. At the doctors office I had to stop in the hallway to let a contraction pass. I then had 3 more when the doctor was in the room talking to me. I was telling her that my vagina has been hurting quite a bit and that Dr. Google said that it was probably just the little guy playing with the top of my cervix. Well the doctor got quite a bit concerned with the fact I was having vaginal pain and contractions, concerned enough that she was going to send me to labor and delivery to be placed on the monitors for a bit but they were all full of ladies in actual ready to push labor.

They wound up doing a cervical swab and taking an ultrasound measurement of my cervix. The cervical swab came up negative for the protein signaling preterm labor and my cervix is still measuring pretty long. Of course Luke is still laying transverse so there isn’t any pressure on my cervix to shorten it, but whatever. The official diagnosis or prognosis I guess is that I am experiencing pre-term contractions that are not being accompanied by preterm labor. When I go back in 2 weeks they are going to recheck me to make sure everything is still going alright.

We did talk a bit about Luke as well. The doc really dug in there and he is pretty snugly in his transverse position. I asked at what point we become concerned that he isn’t moving down. She said that if he is still transverse at 35 weeks they will likely try manual inversion (I’m not keen on this idea) and if it doesn’t stick he will come out by c-section between 37 and 38 weeks. I asked her the likelihood that he will flip and the doctor said it could happen but is more leaning towards not happening. I also got the whopping cough vaccine which hurt like a bitch but was over pretty quickly.

In order to keep everyone on the same page, I have created a calendar highlighting who needs to do what, when. I included my husband, myself and my mom. My dad and brother work a regular Monday through Friday job, and can get to and from work on their own. Ronny just has work stuff going on, but I included him in the schedule so he would know when he works and when he needs to take off to help with whatever is going on. It also helps my mom and I coordinate schedules so she knows when I do/don’t have a ride. My mom’s stuff is included on the schedule because she needs someone to be there with her, or to take care of my nephews while she is busy at the doctors (yes, we have them thrown in the mix as well). I am obviously on the schedule since it’s my life we are trying to “plan” out as best as we can. We also need to work in regular day to day stuff like cleaning and whatnot. Here is what the calendar currently looks like for the last week of May and all of June.  Of course things are going to be added, but here is what we know so far.



2 thoughts on “Back Doctor, Thrilling OB Appointment and A Busy Schedule

  1. Well I hope things continue to go well for you and Luke. Sorry you guys are so busy right now. Hope you all get through the next month(s) without too much stress or frustration! Hang in there!

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