29 WeeK Bumpdate

My, oh my how time flies. I can’t believe that we have hit the 30 week mark and are 10 weeks or less away from meeting the little man. Week 29 was pretty crazy as far as symptoms and other pregnancy things go, but we made it through and are still going strong.

So first up, symptoms haven’t really changed since last week. I’m still puking and still nauseous. I’m hungry all the time though. At this point I’m pretty sure I could eat all day if I really wanted too, but in an effort to keep my weight under control I reign it in as best as I can. Of course heartburn is really picking up at this point, so I try to munch on antacids throughout the day. I’m still really swollen and puffy, which is nothing new. Back pain and pelvic pain continue to be a problem as well. I have been having a really hard time getting to sleep, and when I do I wake up super early (like 3am) and can’t get back to sleep.

Luke is doing awesome. He is measuring in the 58 percentile overall. He is only measuring 46th percentile in weight at 30 weeks, and was the 53rd percentile in weight at 29 weeks 2 days. Where he made up for being a bit smaller in weight, was having a head that measured 31 weeks at 29w2d. That’s ok though. We are happy  he is growing spot on like he should be, and is on track to be roughly 7.5-8.5 pounds at 40 weeks.

This week we did have quite the scare. I posted about it a little bit here. In my OB appointment, my fundal height was measuring 3 weeks behind and I had to have a scan to make sure that Luke was growing properly. He is definitely growing according to plan, but is lying in a transverse breech position which is going to make it difficult for him to flip head down. I created a graphic so everyone would understand what position he is actually in.


As you can tell from the picture, his head is on my left side with his buns on my right side. His hands are up on his face and one of his legs was up by his belly, the other was tucked underneath him. In my scan today (which I will do a separate post on tomorrow), both of his legs are tucked underneath him as if he’s sitting Indian style with his body and head still in the transverse position. He seems to like the position well enough, but everyone is worried that he is going to like it so much he won’t move into the proper position for a vaginal delivery. Only time will tell of course. He does have space to move around, its just a matter of him actually flipping.

As far as weight gain this week: this morning I was up to 126.2, which is .8 pounds heavier than last week. I’m not sure where it went because my bump is still measuring 40 inches around. It’s been between 39.75 and 40 inches for over a month now with no change. I”m thinking that all of a sudden I am going to balloon out in the next couple of weeks.

PicMonkey Collage

If you’re feeling up to it, check out my 29 week bumpdate on youtube:


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