28 Week Bumpdate

We are halfway through the seventh month, and I feel like the pregnancy has started all over again. It has been an absolutely crazy week, chalk full of symptoms and the stresses of getting ready for a baby. This week we started counting down in the 70’s and time is just flying by. This update is for 28 weeks to 28 weeks 6 days.

The big thing this week was going to OB screening for an evaluation. You can read all about it here but the gist of it is Luke has been having some really weird jerky movements that don’t/didn’t feel like normal movements. I was concerned enough to call the nurse line who told me to come in especially after having some contractions and what we thought was leaking fluid. Everything turned out to be fine, and apparently I just have a lot more discharge than the average momma to be.

I did start doing kick counts this week. I almost feel that it is a waste of time because this kid moves A LOT. In a 5 minute span he moved 34 times. I think if he wasn’t as active as he is, kick counts might be more beneficial but he moves so much that I’m not really concerned. There are obviously times when I freak out if I haven’t felt him move for a while, but he’s typically moving or bumping into something.

Speaking of bumping into stuff…..I find myself bumping into things and having a more difficult time squeezing into tiny spaces. My abdomen hasn’t really grown much, only of a quarter of an inch this week, but you wouldn’t know it the way I knock things down. My boobs are quite a bit bigger this week as well. I have noticed that both breasts have hardened somewhat and are definitely heavier than they were last week. I did finally cave in some nursing bras. I don’t know why I waited so long! They are amazing. I wound up getting 2 of them, and boy am I glad I did. They fit me now with a tiny amount of room to spare, and will definitely still fit when the little guy arrives. The only problem that I am having is that my nipples are really sore already and rubbing on the boob sling in the bra is making that slightly worse.

Other symptoms for the week include swelling in my hands and feet. This is getting considerably worse and I am  considering a visit to the foot doctor to see about possible treatments. I’m not only experiencing swelling but I have been getting leg cramps and charlie horses quite a bit as well. My back hurts pretty much all the time. I think it might be the weight of my stomach causing me to lean backwards, but it hurts. One symptom I did not expect this week has been vaginal pain. I wouldn’t necessary call it pain per se, but more of a ton of pressure and lightening bolt like zings. I don’t know why I am feeling so much pressure as Luke is still laying transverse. He’s tried to flip down a couple times but must not be comfy because he always goes back to laying sideways. Another random kind of thing that I haven’t ever heard anyone say is vaginal pain (the zingers) when something touches my belly button. I stuck my finger in there the other day to get a piece of dry skin off and my vagina started to ache.

I’m not as constipated as I was last week, but my bowels have been busy producing gas. I seriously fart what seems like a truck load of gas every day. I don’t quite know where it is coming from because I don’t really eat gassy foods. I have been a lot hungrier this week, but I am still not really eating anything too gassy. I don’t really eat anything to cause heartburn either, but suffer from random acts of heartburn several times a day. Between the heartburn, gas and sensitive abdomen, sleeping has been quite difficult too. I can’t seem to find a comfy position and when I do I usually have to get up a few minutes later to pee. I’m pretty much up all night and wake up early in the morning.

Luke is doing great. He is roughly 15 inches long this week and weighs just about 2.25 pounds. He is working on putting some fat on his body this week, which is helping him regulate his own body temperature. His adrenal glands are secreting androgen and estrogen to signal my body to begin lactation. Hmmmm….wonder if that is why my boobs are firmer?

I weighed in at 125.4 this morning which is a gain of 1.2 pounds since last week or a total of 23.8 pounds from pre pregnancy weight. My waist hit the 40″ around mark so I am officially 13 inches bigger around than I was pre-pregnancy as well. My belly is a bit lopsided in the pic above, but just because Luke was rolling over when the picture was taken. While my arms, legs and buns have definitely fattened up a bit, I am just about all belly.

Video bumpdate will go live tomorrow on Youtube If you haven’t already done so please subscribe for random daily vlogs, tutorials and pregnancy updates.I will also schedule the release of the video version to be posted tomorrow morning if you are interested in watching.


3 thoughts on “28 Week Bumpdate

  1. I’m sorry you’re so uncomfortable. I have heard that a lot of the symptoms are because our organs get pushed up and stuffed in to make room for the baby.


  2. I’m with you on nearly everything. Crazy vaginal discharged vaginal zings, terrible back pain, etc. sorry your so uncomfortable, I literally feel your pain! Based on the size of my babies I’m 23 weeks going on 28. Hope you get some relief soon. Take some baths and get a massage!

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