Breast Feeding Class and OB Screening Update

When I planned out my posts for this month (I really did try to organize what I have already scheduled to publish with what I want to publish this month) today’s post was going to be about the introduction to breast feeding class I took last night. Life however gave me a curve ball and we ended up going to OB screening for a check to make sure my water hadn’t broken. Since most of you are worried about the OB visit, I’ll update that first, and then go into my originally planned post on the breast feeding class.

You may remember a post I wrote a few weeks ago on cramps and contractions or a week later when I experienced more contractions. Both times I didn’t go to the doctor as I was able to get them to stop on my own and they weren’t close enough together to sufficiently warrant a trip to the screening room. I did call the doctor and let them know what was going on, but both times the doctors didn’t seem too concerned and wrote it off as strong braxton hicks. In the second experience with real contractions (every 6-7 minutes lasting 45 seconds for 6 hours) I started having what I would have considered a slow drip of fluid leaking from my vagina. It was clear, odorless and kinda slimy. My undies are constantly soaked. While I was concerned, I figured it could wait until I went to my next OB appointment on the 14th. I hadn’t lost my mucus plug and was really just trying not to panic.

Around the same time, Luke started having these really weird jerky sort of tremor like shakes through his whole body. The first time it happened I thought he had a case of the heeby jeebies, but it has happened quite a bit since. I was starting to get worried and so I called the nurse-line. She said that the shaking isn’t that big of a concern on its own, but paired with the contractions and leaking fluid, I needed to get down to screening to make sure my water hadn’t ruptured. I hate going to OB screening because it always takes FOREVER.

Today was no exception. We checked in at 11:15am and got right into a room. Our nurse was the most unpleasant nurse I have ever met and really wouldn’t let the fluid thing go. I swear she was like Cruella Deville. Here I am to be checked out and all she could do was criticize why I hadn’t come in sooner and was just really demeaning. She took a urine sample, hooked me up to the monitors and said the midwife would be in to see me in a few minutes. The midwife didn’t make it into the room for an hour and a half. Luke was kicking like crazy and messing with their monitors. Curious little guy would press his chest right up to the heart rate one and then start tapping on it. It was kind of cute from an outsiders perspective, but when he’s thumping on you it doesn’t feel so great.

When the midwife finally arrived, she took a look at the fun little paper that prints out and you could clearly see where he was shaking, and see a few small contractions. His heart rate was amazing and since he was moving so much she unhooked me and did an exam. The fluid that I’ve been leaking is just a large amount of watery kind of slimy discharge. She said that the discharge is normal, but more abundant than most people she sees, (which isn’t a bad thing) and that my cervix is still nice and tightly closed so I probably am not going to go into labor in the next few weeks anyways. I will mention it to the doc when I go in on Thursday for my regularly scheduled OB appointment and if they don’t check the fluid levels we have an ultrasound scheduled for the 19th with the study and I’ll ask them to check it then.

All in all, both the little guy and I are perfectly fine and there is nothing to be concerned about at this time. While the tremors are “rare and odd” they aren’t concerning.

Onto the breastfeeding class! Of the three classes I have taken: labor and delivery, newborn care, and breastfeeding…..breastfeeding was by far the most helpful. The class was designed to prepare new mommas for breastfeeding. They went over why you should breastfeed, how to hold the baby when breast feeding (I had no idea there were so many different ways you could hold a tiny person to get them to drink), how to get the proper latch, how to know if baby is getting enough to eat and what to do if certain problems arise. My only complaint was that there was so much information that the class went over 45 minutes longer than scheduled and we barely grazed the surface of information. I just wish it was a bit longer so the instructor could dive in and really get to the nitty gritty on some stuff. She did address all of my concerns though.

  1. Babies are pretty intuitive when it comes to feeding and can pretty much feed on whatever type of nipple mom has to offer, with help for the trickier nipples. This is a good thing because I was worried about my flat nipple on the right. She said that they do have nipple shields that would help pull it out if Luke is struggling to latch to that nipple and very worst case senario I would feed from the left and pump from the right.
  2. Since I am supposed to have surgery on my foot following tiny tots arrival (since he kinda put a kink in that plan back in November) I was really interested in learning how to build my milk supply so that I can exclusively feed for as long as possible, take some time off and pump through the surgery and meds and then continue to breastfeed until Luke is 6ish months where I will switch to bottle feeding expressed milk until his first birthday. She said the easiest way is to feed from one side and pump from the other or feed until he’s full and then pump out the rest. She did say to wait until my milk has come in to pump, so the best time to start is when the little guy is about a week to ten days old.
  3. The last concern I had was when to introduce a bottle. I have heard conflicting things about breast and bottle feeding/nipple confusion and what not and really wanted some clarification. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) says no bottles or pacifiers for the first 3 weeks so that you really develop a full breast feeding routine. Then it’s ok to pump and feed occasionally with a bottle. The only thing to watch out for is that he may start to prefer the faster flow and less work of the bottle than having to work for his food from me. I think one bottle a day from daddy would probably be ok though.

All in all I am feeling pretty good about little man’s arrival. We are going to do some major cleaning tomorrow (well Ronny is anyways, I’m going to supervise mostly) and the rest of the stuff we absolutely have to have will pretty much be covered by the gift cards we got and using the completion discount. I am trying to do some piecework for amazon to try and pay for some of that without having to dip into our checkbook but its slow going.


5 thoughts on “Breast Feeding Class and OB Screening Update

  1. I’m glad everything is okay with you and Luke. I’m sorry you had such a lousy experience with the Cruella nurse. 😦 It sounds like your breastfeeding class was helpful overall. That’s good news.

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  2. Glad everything turned out ok! I think your action plan for breast feeding sounds good. We were thinking of waiting 6 weeks to establish a really solid routine then introduce bottles with breast milk only. I love hearing about great breast feeding classes and what others learn. It’s super helpful!! 🙂


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