A Much Better Day

Yesterday and the day before were pretty rough for me. A lot is going on and I was not only over my mental limit but left it behind 2 towns ago. I am pleased to say that today was a much better, and incredibly productive day. I am in the process of doing a daily vlog (video blog) to upload to YouTube but since the day isn’t over yet I can’t quite finish it.

Ronny worked a mid shift today (8:30-4:30) so I went to my parents at 8am. I brought along the inside of the trashcan we bought to use as a diaper pail. The first thing I did was eat a bowl of strawberry yogurt with granola crunchies. Not a typical breakfast, but it was still good. I then got to work. I made the last pack n play sheet while filming the making for a tutorial, which is in the process of being uploaded to YouTube and is scheduled to release on Thursday I believe. From there I made the last crib sheet. There was one that didn’t have quite long enough material that I needed to use a scrap from a second piece of material to make it just a bit longer. So as of now, all crib and pack n play sheets have been made, washed and put away.

When I was done with the crib sheet, I used the scraps from the sheet I made in my tutorial to make four 8″ square washcloths. They are so cute, and I’m sure I’ll use them for something. I then shared a bowl of grapes with “Charlie” and “Stinky” before getting back to work.

Next up on my list of things to get done today was the diaper pail liners. I messed up the first one, so I turned it into a little wet bag and started over. Look for that tutorial to come. They definitely turned out better than I thought they would and I am pleased as punch with them. (Plus I saved about $30). I did take a break halfway through filming the tutorial to eat a bowl of cereal for lunch.

The last thing I did was get the ties cut out and pinned to the bumper pads. I would have sewn them on but Ronny got off of work about 2 hours early and it threw me off some. I am really happy with the way they are coming together and now my husband wants me to make a bed skirt to hide all the stuff that is under the crib.

We went to the bank from my moms to get the rent check, but forgot to drop it off at the leasing office…..oops. It’s ok, it isn’t due until tomorrow anyways. I then edited the pack n play tutorial and have it uploading to YouTube now and started dinner. Unfortunately I burned my stomach on the stove (no one warns you about this one) reaching for a measuring cup. I am really hoping I’m not the only person to do this. Luke didn’t care for it and I got a nice boot to the belly button when he showed his displeasure with me. 

I’m about to finish up dinner, take a shower and then attempt to paint my toenails. I just hope I can reach them.

It’s amazing how much better I feel when I am up doing stuff rather than just moseying around the house. I feel like I am contributing in some way to the family as I am not working.


6 thoughts on “A Much Better Day

  1. My wife used to turn the oven on all the time with her belly. Several times a week, we would smell plastic burning (we keep cake and cupcake trays in our oven as well as the carriers which are plastic). Needless to say, we ended up putting the childproof stove locks on much earlier than we anticipated!


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