26 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe that we have made it all the way through the second trimester and are in the homestretch. Time has literally been flying by and I am scared to blink because I know it will all be over before I know it. Week 26 was an amazing week (although I did have a few scary moments). This update is for 26 weeks to 26 weeks 6 days.

Week 26 started out with a labor and delivery class. I am so glad that Ronny went with me. We now  both feel much more prepared for what is to come and knowing what we need to do. We laughed through the whole class. I don’t know what it is about seeing a woman give birth, but I definitely thought it was funny. Probably won’t be so funny when it’s me though.

Wednesday and Thursday nights I had really bad contractions. They would start in my back and completely envelop my abdomen. Every 7 minutes, I would get a contraction about 45 seconds long, and then Luke would spend the next 5 kicking and punching and rolling. I don’t think he cares for contractions all that much! During the contractions, Luke was definitely head down. I had so much pressure on my pelvic bone that I thought it was going to break apart.

Cramps were a major factor this week. Every morning it feels like I am on the worst period of my life. I know that its just the baby and his position, but that doesn’t make it any less painful. If I wasn’t experiencing uterine cramps, my legs were cramping or round ligament pain was plaguing me.

The nausea and vomiting are back. I have puked 9 times in the past 7 days. Coincidentally I haven’t pooped in a few days though, so constipation and nausea seem to take turns visiting me.

Back pain and swelling in my legs and hands has been a pretty major thing this week as well. I swear the swelling in my legs feels like my feet and calves are going to rip apart. Oddly enough the leg that didn’t have surgery is worse than the one that did, but they both hurt pretty damn bad. Reading back, it looks like the theme this week is pain!

I was doing really well in the weight gain department until Sunday. When Ronny doesn’t go to work I seem to eat a whole lot more than when he is working. Sunday morning I weighed in at 121.4……today I weighed in at 124.4. I haven’t pooped really well in a few days so some of that is just constipation, and some is the giant burrito and sopapillas that I ate yesterday that hasn’t digested yet. If you go off of my Sunday weight, I am up 1 pound…..if you go off of todays I am up 4 pounds since last week. I definitely need to slow down on the weight gain! My waist is up to 39.75″ this week.


Little man is up to roughly 14 inches long from crown to heel, and weighs in at 1.75 pounds. He is getting so big! His eyes have opened, although he doesn’t have much to look at right now. He is also putting on fat and preparing for life on the outside.The coolest thing is that Luke’s brain waves are now able to process and respond to sounds!


6 thoughts on “26 Week Bumpdate

  1. You’re still looking good!! Hopefully the contractions don’t get too bad…that baby needs to stay in there for a while yet! Sorry that your nausea has returned too. Hope it doesn’t last too long!

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