Last Day of Trimester Two: Shocking Synptoms Part 2

Depending on what app or website you look at today we have either reached the last day of our second trimester or it is day one of our third trimester. Shit is getting real…! Time has flown by at lightening speed and I’m trying to hold my eyes open because I know if I blink it will all be over. The second trimester has been full of unexpected symptoms.

  • Swollen vagina – no joke it gets puffy! If I had to compare it to something I would say that my vagina started out as a sheet of uncooked puff pastry, and now looks like a fully cooked puff pastry. At one time I swore someone injected the outer lips with a heat activated ooze and it sagged on hot days. 
  • Suffocation – seriously. The need to breathe is pretty basic. With a growing uterus and a child who thinks your organs are punching bags, drawing in a full breath becomes quite difficult. If you find yourself asleep on your back you can pretty much guarantee yourself a lightheaded feeling when you get up.
  • Cellulite – never in my life have I had issues with cellulite. Not to brag or anything but my thighs and ass were nice and tone. Not anymore!! If I squeeze my butt cheeks together it’s dimpled and wrinkly and looks like I sat in a vat of cottage cheese. It’s GROSS!! I have been avoiding wearing leggings because my thighs are noticably bumpy. Butt and thigh work out while pregnant has definitely been googled this week.
  • Mood swings – this one I expected but not to the extremes my body went. I would literally go from laughing to yelling to crying and back again in a matter of minutes. You know it’s bad when you cry when your going to the bathroom because that’s what is going to happen in a few weeks when you give birth
  • Energy – omg the energy!! I feel like I went from being hooked on sleeping pills to drinking 15 energy drinks a day. I can’t sit still! The energy Rush is great but kind of a bummer when you can’t do much without getting into trouble by someone. 
  • Sniffles – ok it is spring and all but my nose is so stuffy! Like a room full Of dust stuffy. 
  • Baby movement – I did expect to feel the little one wiggling around but never in my wildest dreams would have expected it to feel this way. I wish I could see what he was doing sometimes! The weirdest by far is when he shakes. My whole belly shakes like Santa Claus’s. 
  • Difficulty moving – trying to get into bed is like trying to climb the Berlin Wall. Walking stairs is like climbing Mount Everest and getting up is comparable to a turtle stuck on its back. That 18-20 pounds sure is showing its true colors!

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