Classes, Cramps, Contractions – Oh My!!

The past few days have been filled with the 3 c’s of pregnancy – classes, cramps and contractions. The other C would be cleaning……. Which I have gotten a lot done on today as well. 

Tuesday night, Ronny and I went to a free class held at the hospital on what to expect during labor and the birthing process. Having spent so long trying to conceive I knew quite a bit about the process but we did learn quite a few things as well. The doula who was teaching the class gave us some hints on how to make sure the baby is in the proper position for an easy childbirth. For more information on that you can visit which gives tips for both pregnancy and while in labor to get baby into a head down position. We also watched a video on actual live births and saw some different positions that will help the labor process be more comfortable. 

Next Saturday (May 2nd) I am registered for a newborn care class which goes over what to expect from baby in the first few hours as well as newborn care tips. Ronny was supposed to go with me but unfortunately has to work. Hopefully I can talk my other support partner (my mom) into going with me, but if not I’ll be doing that one alone. Thankfully they also have a daddy boot camp on May 30th so Ronny will be attending that one instead. Also, on the 6th I am going to a lactation class which is geared towards pregnant women to teach them how to breast feed and give other breastfeeding information. 

Next up is the copious amount of contractions I have had this week. I have had Braxton hicks for months and these are totally different. I have an ungodly amount of pressure in my pelvis, and I get excruciating pain in my back that completely envelops my abdomen. My abdomen also gets rock hard. No amount of moving or changing positions gets them to stop. The past 2 nights I have timed them at 7 minutes or so apart and about 30 seconds long. I need to start taking it easy! Today I couldn’t help myself. I reached up inside and felt my cervix. I could definitely fit my pointer finger in the hole with ease.

Along with the contractions, every morning I wake up with really bad period like cramps. Like your worst period ever multiplied by 5. It typically goes away by lunch time but I am nerves out that it is literally every morning for the past few weeks. On top of the cramps I am feeling a lot of pressure down between my legs. I don’t know if Luke alphas finally moved from the transverse positio he has been hanging out in since our second ultrasound, or if something else is going on……but it hurts.
So tell me: have you experienced anything similar? 


5 thoughts on “Classes, Cramps, Contractions – Oh My!!

  1. Sounds like you’ll be in a lot of good classes. Hopefully they’ll help you out and have some good info! That sounds like a lot of intense contractions/pain to be having already. Have you asked your Dr about it? Take it easy and don’t strain yourself!!


  2. I have cramps if I do too much but if I lay down for a bit, they usually go away. I hope you will discuss these things with your doctor. (I’m sure you will.) I hope your classes go well. 🙂

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  3. Ouch! Those don’t sound fun 😦 I sooo hope they discontinue soon! Drink up, and rest up! 🙂 The classes sound wonderful! All of the classes here in my town are ridiculously expensive! It’s dumb!


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