Craft Day

Earlier today I shared a photo on Facebook and Instagram of my mom carrying a giant piece of green foam through the fabric store. I had a bunch of 50% off coupons that expired today and still needed to get some materials for the baby related things I was making. My mom took me to the fabric store, which was great. I accidentally got enough material to make 2 extra crib sheets and 3 extra pack n play sheets more than what I was planning on making……oops. All in all, I got enough material to finish the burp cloths, make a total of 3 crib sheets and 4 pack n play sheets, 2 cloth diaper pail liners and bumper pads. 

My mom and I started with putting new pads in the couch cushions (hence the green foam). Whoever thought to glue foam into a couch cover should serious rethink their job……and couch cushion stuffer is a job definitely worth $15 an hour. At one point we had a large knife and were using it like a two man saw to cut through the foam. While trying to remove the cover from the cushion she was literally dragging me across the floor. We had a freaking blast!

I then got to work on the bumper pads. I know that they are not necessarily recommended by the pregnancy people but we have a plan to minimize/eliminate risk to the baby. I will eventually get a picture of them. Basically the bumper pads will be tucked down around the matress and held in place with flaps that tuck under the matress. We are also forgoing traditional ties and replacing them with a tiny piece of elastic to hold the top of the bumper in place. Little man will be unable to get trapped underneath the bumper pads nor will he be able to get stuck in ties. But if it becomes a problem they can definitely be removed. We opted for a reversible bumper as well so we can change it up if we feel the need.

In an unrelated, non-craft update: I made dinner tonight for the first time in literally 20 weeks. I struggled a bit and gagged a few times but I was able to make it through and it was delicious! I think I may be turning back into a wife!


10 thoughts on “Craft Day

  1. You’re awesome, and that sounds like a lot of fun! Can I ask how much that big piece of foam was! I want to build a window seat in the new house and that would be perfect!


  2. Sounds like a great day. Can I be THAT person though? Please don’t use bumper pads for your crib. Anything in a crib increases risks for SIDS. My education is actually in public health so I say this with authority. I would hate for anything to create risk for your wonderful little blessing. Could I maybe suggest making sleep sacks instead? They are safe sleep approved. Sorry to be that person.

    I look forward to seeing your projects finished!


    • You can be “that person” if you want lol. I know that there is a huge controversy over the safety of crib bumpers and I have very thoroughly read tons of information on the subject. No one really knows what causes sids, but from what I’ve read bumper pads themselves really don’t have that much to do with sids but more concern over possible strangulation. Would I purposefully put my child in harms way? No! In the first 3 months, when sids is the highest risk factor the issue comes with air flow. Luke probably won’t even be in the crib at this stage and on the rare occasion he is, he will be centered in the crib where he won’t move (let’s face it, newborns are pretty stationary in their sleep) with a fan circulating air. By 3 months he should be able to roll around and roll out of danger if he is struggling. The other concern is young ones using the pads as a stepping stone to get out of the crib. Proper mattress height should help out with this but I know of several dozen children that escaped their crib without bumper pads. If they want out, they will figure out a way.

      We will be using sleep sacks instead of blankets for a bit. Every decision that a parent has to make is debatable and there is risk in just about everything. At the end of the day I can only do what I feel is best for my child and my family. At this point I feel the need to use bumper pads. This may of course change after the wee one comes, but I won’t know until we have reached that time.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. All of your support over the past year plus means a lot to me and my husband.


  3. I’m with Hannah, the risk with bumpers isn’t getting stuck, it’s baby mushing their face into them and suffocating. It’s the very first thing our pediatrician said when I asked about ways to reduce risks for sids!

    Off the box, I’m so jealous of your crafty skills!!

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    • Thank you or your comment and your support. I kind of addressed your concern in my response to Hannah. The cause for sids is unknown but bumper pad use really has more to do with air flow during infant use than suffocation. By the time Luke goes into the crib he should be able to roll over and away from the bumper if it’s causing him breathing problems. While I agree to some extent with nothing in the crib (blankets, toys, pillows), I can only do what I feel is best and things may change down the road. As far as I know the most drastic ways to reduce the risk of sids is to place the child on his/her back, sleep in same room as parents and not use positioners, pillows or blankets in the crib.

      Anywho……thank you!


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  5. I was wondering what that green foam was for. hehe! And it sounds like you had a very, very, very productive day! Oh! And congrats on cooking dinner again. I bet it was nice to get back in the swing of things. xo

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