OB Appointment and Potential Good News

Today I had an Ob appointment. This is the first one that has actually gone well! It’s also the first appointment where I met the attending in charge of my case and an internal medicine doctor with an emphasis on pregnancy (not an Ob). I think that I finally met with the higher ups because the pelvic pain doctor pitched a fit on my behalf. Who cares! I finally met one 🙂

The attending asked how I was feeling and then checked in on the little guy. My fundal height is measuring 24 cm which is apparently just about perfect. We weren’t able to get a good read on Lukes heart rate because he kept kicking the Doppler so hard it would jump off my belly and then he would move. He really hates dopplers and ultrasounds. I did talk to her about the contractions and surprisingly didn’t get a lecture about not coming in. She did verify that they were real contractions but did not do an exam to see if I am dialated at all. We also went ahead with the 1 hour glucose test. They gave me 10 minutes to drink the bottle of “juice” but I chugged it and was done in about 45 seconds flat. It didn’t taste all that bad to me at all. I told them if they got a carbonation machine it would make it taste more sprite like. I’ll know if I passed or failed later today or tomorrow.

When I spoke to the internal medicine doctor we got multiple snip its of potentially good news. I’m going to bullet point them for ease of reading.

  • First off I may not need the DDAVP afterall. They finally spoke with hematology and have come up with a plan for my bleeding disorder. Bleeding during delivery is apparently different than bleeding for other reasons. The plan at this point is frequent blood draws to monitor my platelet levels and to have bags of blood and extra platelets on standby if they are needed. They will also still have the ddavp available if needed but will try to sustain with blood/platelets first.
  • Secondly, I was told that due to my spina bifida occulta I could not have an epidural. This is of course ok with me as I want as drug free of a delivery as possible. However……in the event something goes wrong and I need a c-section this means I would be completely put under and my husband would not be allowed in the room. They are going to review my records and talk to anesthesiology about whether or not it’s possible. Fingers crossed that they can do it just as a back up.
  • We also discussed the use of narcotic pain medications as an alternative to the epidural. Most “safe” pain medications for pregnancy are unfortunately for me Valium or demoral based. I have adverse reactions to both of those and cannot use any form of them without having a reaction. We learned today that they can use other medicines….probably morphine, if I need some help along the way. 
  • May 14th will be my last monthly appointment before doing the every two week thing. I am so excited because we will be that much closer to delivery! 
  • Speaking of appointments as part of the clinical study I am in, they were hoping to get a 3D ultrasound done at 30 weeks. The hospital only has one tech that can perform 3D ultrasounds and she happened to have one spot left in her schedule. So we will be getting a 3D ultrasound for FREE on May 19th at 3:30pm. I am so thrilled that we will get to get a sneak peek at little man and won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars out of pocket for the experience. 


5 thoughts on “OB Appointment and Potential Good News

  1. This all sounds fabulous!! Nice that you finally met your head Drs, and that you liked them. And all good news that they gave you too!! So exciting that you get a 3D, and for free!! Hope you share the pics when you get them!

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