24 Week Bumpdate

Week 24 presented itself with some new and exciting things, as well as some definite heart pounding moments. The most exciting news by far this week was that I only puked 2 times in 7 days! One time I kind of knew it was coming, the second time completely took me by surprise. The good news is though I think I have finally turned the vomit corner. My nesting instinct kicked in this week too and I was able to get quite a bit done around the house. The week as the all sunshine and rainbows though…..I did experience my first round of real contractions. Boy were they not fun. The pack n play, car seat and stroller have been unbowed and assembled, and are awaiting a tiny person. This update is from 24 weeks to 24 weeks 6 days.

How Far Along? – 25 weeks!

Current Weight/Weight Gain – Pre pregnancy weight was 101.6, Current weight is 120…..weight gain thus far: 18 pounds 4 ounces. I am up 2.5 pounds from last week but I know that 1/2 a pound of that is little man and I still haven’t had a real poop in awhile. 

Meds Taken? – none taken

Baby Size? – Baby is now roughly 12 inches long and weighs in at 1.25 pounds, 

What Happened With Baby This Week? – Lukes’ respiratory system is rapidly growing and his lungs are starting to produce surfactant which will help him breathe once he enters the world. His sense of balance is also rapidly epdeveloping and he can now sense direction. Capillaries are starting to form under his skin, giving him a pink appearance.  

Symptoms? – this week has brought on a slew of new symptoms. My ever expanding waistline is now speckled with red dots, pimple like (but not pimples) bumps and red splotches. My wrists have begun to ache quite a bit and I’m still swelling a lot. My skin has been really dry this week too. I’m incredibly constipated and feel lucky if I can get a few rabbit pellets out every few days. This may be is gross but my nipples have started to “collect” shedding skin or something and it smells horribly. My vag has increased on the production of liquids which also smells pretty bad (at least to me……no one else seems to notice). 

 Cravings? – Still nothing

Best Moment This Week? – Putting together the pack n play and going through baby clothes.

Looking Forward To Next Week? – Getting the glucose test out of the way

Missing? – my normal looking body parts

Belly Picture Starting waist – 27″ current waistline 39″ up 12″ overall. Holy cow!! The pic on the left is last week, the pics on the right are this week. I certainly look a whole lot larger this week!




10 thoughts on “24 Week Bumpdate

  1. Great bump!! So happy to hear you’re vomiting so much less. You’re relieved, I’m sure.
    Hope you have a happy and u eventful remainder of your pregnancy.

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      • Wow, OK. It’s not concerning you? I had BH and some painful ones for sure but nothing of any rythm & painful not until into my 30 some thing weeks. Like a few weeks before giving birth.


      • Oh I was terrified but thankfully I was able to get them to stop. If they got any closer together or longer or more painful I would have gone in. I have an appointment Thursday so I’ll let them know what happened and go in if it happens again before that.


      • Ik good plan. BH is normal but I worry about other types of contractions that could change your cervix. Ask next appt to have a look at your cervix. I being high risk just would be extra cautious. While not wanting to alarm you, I would want to be sure your Ob keeps an eye on you.

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  2. They might still be BH contractions (hopefully!!) I apparently had BH from about 4-5 months on…I just had no idea that’s why half of my stomach would “freeze” up! The last month of my pregnancy I thought I was having labor contractions because I could time them consistently, but every time I went in to get checked…nope…still BH!

    Glad the nausea is settling down for you! I was miserable for the first trimester, but for the most part stopped puking around 15 weeks. Though I did get a new car with a sport suspension and I HATED it because all the bouncing turned my stomach! Hoping you keep feeling better!

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  3. I love that you only puked 2 times this week! That’s such a huge improvement. And I love that you have more energy! That’s awesome. Your bump looks awesome!! I’ve just recently started feeling BH’s, so I’m hoping the real contractions for you stay away! Babe needs to stay put a while longer!


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