Frugal or Crafty?

With this little guy a little more than 15 weeks (maybe more, hopefully less) away from entering the world I have really started to crack down and finish some of the projects I originally started. I originally wanted to save a bit of money and really reduce my carbon footprint. As time passes and we get closer to little mans arrival, I am becoming more and more price conscious. As it stands right now we have $544.80 left of stuff to buy (yes, I actually price shopped and made a very detailed and thorough list using store completion discounts to guide me).

We are going to be putting some things on hold…… we really don’t need  a jumper right now and can probably wait until Christmas to get it for the little guy. Other things are going from purchase to make in order to save some money. Of course I will share tutorials with each of these items so that if you want to make them yourself you can. I will probably also be opening an etsy store for these items at a fraction of the cost of retail prices if any of you are interested.

Where some people see a crafty woman with a working knowledge of sewing, I see a cheap momma to be trying to save a few (hundred) bucks.

My list of things to make and their respective tutorials are below:

  • Nursing pads – tutorial found here
  • Stay Dry Diaper Liners – tutorial to come
  • Flip Style Diaper Covers – tutorial to come
  • Receiving Blankets – tutorial found here
  • Crib Bumper Pads – tutorial to come
  • Burp Cloths – tutorial to come
  • Wash Cloths – tutorial to come
  • Hooded Towels – tutorial to come
  • Turning Prefold Diapers Into Diaper Liners – tutorial to come
  • Crib Sheets/Pack n Play sheets – tutorial found here and here
  • Diaper Pail Liner – tutorial to come

To date I have saved myself quite a bit of money. The nursing pads alone have saved me $292.59 for the first year. The stay dry liners cost me $7.09 for 30 when I made them myself, versus $149.50 for the same thing made for the flip diaper system. As far as the diaper covers go, what I have spent on the material, snaps and elastic to make 20 covers I would only have been able to buy 3 covers retail…..the other 17 are essentially free. By turning prefold birdseye diapers into diaper liners I will be saving at least $50 on top of the savings of cloth vs disposable diapers, and my mom has offered up terry cloth and flannel material for the hooded towels and wash cloths that was given to her, so those are free!

Of course there are some things that my husband has banned me from diy-ing. He has said absolutely no to using cloth wipes and homemade baby soap. He also said no to modifying the Diaper Genie we got for free to house dirty cloth diapers. Once we go through the original pack of pail liners he has okay’d using regular trash bags for the disposables.


6 thoughts on “Frugal or Crafty?

  1. i wouldn’t consider a jumper a necessity in any case, and most pediatricians and physical therapists advise against using them much (and only a stand-alone if you absolutely must have one – no doorway jumpers as they are a big cause of injury). i’d save yourself the time and not make crib bumpers – they are not recommended by the american academy of pediatrics:
    that’s interesting that your husband is against the cloth wipes but not the diapers? my understanding is that it’s simpler to use the same for both since you’d be doing laundry anyways. in any case, i’m definitely jealous of your sewing/crafting abilities! definitely will save you lots of money! you can even make stuffed animals and clothes – mom mom sewed me some when i was little.


    • The jumper certainly isn’t a necessity and will be waiting until Christmas. Seeing how much my nephews have loved jumping in the one my mom has really sways me towards wanting one. We don’t have the right doors for the door jumper so we would definitely be getting the stand alone one. The crib bumpers I have read about being not recommended but at this point it would be mostly for looks as Luke will be in the pack n play bassinet for a while. Once he’s transitioned to the crib the bumpers may go.

      Ronny actually doesn’t want to do the cloth diapers either but as I will be caring for him the most I won that battle. He just won’t budge on the wipes. No biggie. We won’t be throwing away much and I’m saving so much already.

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  2. You’re doing awesome! If you have time, you should just keep making things and have a huge etsy store! I love to sew, but I just find I don’t have the time or the mental concentration lately for it. You’re a huge inspiration though!

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