Push Present 

There seemed to be an enormous boom of pregnancy announcements in the blog world, on the forums, on the wonderful world of YouTube, and even just in real life. Nine months later there is an obvious flux in births as well. Makes sense right? One thing I have noticed as woman after woman  went from pregnant to parent…….the mention of push presents. For those of you reading that (like me quite a few months ago) don’t know what a push present is, a push present is a gift typically given by the new father (or significant other) to the mother after giving birth.

Before I get into my personal thoughts on push presents, let me tell you some of the things that I have noticed over time. There is a HUGE difference between the mentality of fertile vs. infertile/struggling woman when it comes to push presents. Almost all of the women who I would classify as fertile (able to conceive on their own with no intervention) not only expected but bragged about a push present. Those that didn’t get one seemed pretty angry about it! The mentality of the infertile woman though was much different. Most infertile women (those that struggled to conceive and/or experienced loss) did not expect or want a push present.

Here is my take on push presents. Note: I am not trying to offend anyone by my views. The thought of expecting a present for giving birth is appalling to me. I struggled and fought to get even get pregnant, being able to give birth is present enough for me. The experience of labor and the tiny person alive and healthy in my arms is the most amazing gift that my husband could ever get me. In fact I don’t know how he’s ever going to be able to top this experience with something tangible. Not only do I not want or need a push present, I would be thoroughly offended if my husband felt the need to get me something. I would feel like he didn’t think of our child as “enough”. That’s not saying that I wouldn’t take some Krispy Kreme or a Carmel frappe if he came with one, but I expect nothing from him but love and support.


11 thoughts on “Push Present 

  1. I did not want, ask for or ever mention a push present. Last week my husband gives me a Tiffany bracelet out of nowhere! I was like, what’s this for? He tells me it’s a push present and his friend told him about them. I was like, did he mention it was for after you had already pushed out a baby? He says yeah but he figured I’d be too wrapped up in baby bliss to care about a present then. So I basically got a “good luck with all the pushing” present, lol.

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  2. My hubs and I talked about push presents. He says he wants to get me one because he knows how hard this has been. How hard it was to get pregnant, how hard it has been and will be to be pregnant, how difficult labor has the potential to be, and while baby is a blessing and a gift for both of us, his take on it is that a push present is his thank you to me for growing and carrying our baby and relinquishing my body for 9 months (+2 years of fertility treatments), and baby herself is a gift to both of us in celebration of the NEXT chapter of raising baby. I think it’s all about perspective for everyone! And unfortunately for some women it is just a greed thing- a gimme gimme so that they can show off a new baby AND a bauble.

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  3. Amen. My push presents were my babies. I think anything else is just silly and takes away from the beauty of meeting and loving your child. That is the greatest gift of pushing! Holding and meeting your baby.

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  4. I’m with you – it’s all about the babies. I’m also practical and non-princessy. So if DH did want give me a pp I’d probably want to put the $ towards something like the $$$ stroller I really wanted versus a cheaper model. Personally, I’ve found in life that really well made, every day items that make life easier give me way more pleasure than baubles. That said I wouldn’t turn down a tummy tuck!😝

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  5. It’s terrible that women even think it’s ok to ask for that! I gave my wife a “push present” (it was actuallt a Section Souvenir..lol) but she never once asked for anything or expected anything. After trying for almost 2 years, those babies were enough…but the fact that women get furious that they didn’t get one is ridiculous!

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  6. I completely agree with you!! Even if the subject of a push present were to come up with me and DH – I would rather that money go to the baby. It’s not about us anymore… but this miracle we’ve longed for so long!! And hubby’s $$ is OUR $$ so it’s like buying a gift for myself. We don’t even do gifts anymore… we just have a really nice dinner on birthdays and special occasions and thank God for our blessings and eachother. BUT YES… i’d take a box of krispy kreme too!!!

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