22 Week Bumpdate

OMG! I can’t believe we have hit the 23 week mark. I know I say it all the time, but I am so grateful for everything that has been happening and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. In one week we will hit viability and then it’s just a hop, skip and jump away from delivery. This update is from 22 weeks to 22 weeks 6 days

How Far Along? – 23 weeks

Current Weight/Weight Gain – Pre pregnancy weight was 101.6, Current weight is 114.4…..weight gain thus far:  12 pounds 8 ounces (omg)

Meds Taken? – none taken

Baby Size? – according to the app, Luke is about 11 inches long and weighs roughly a pound

What Happened With Baby This Week? – Baby now has eyelashes and eyebrows in addition to head hair. None of baby’s hair has poignant yet though. Baby is also working on his sense of touch this week. He can perceive light and darkness. He can also now hear things going on in the outside world. 

Symptoms? – After cutting sweet tea out of my life, the nausea has gotten considerably better. I still puke quite a bit, but now it’s much more of a surprise when it’s coming. I have had a TON of swelling this week. It got so bad on Saturday that I gained about 6 pounds of swelling by the end of the day. I’ve had a lot of pressure in my abdomen this week and am having a hard time getting to sleep. I’m really uncomfortable all the time.

 Cravings? – Is it weird I haven’t craved anything with this prrgnancy? I’m still rather turned off by food.

Best Moment This Week? – revealing to family and friends that we are having a little boy

Looking Forward To Next Week? – not much is going on next week

Missing? – comfortable sleeping positions

Belly Picture Starting waist – 27″ current waistline 37″ up 10″ overall. Holy cow!! The pic on the left is last week, the pics on the right are this week. Ignore the fact I’m in my swimming suit. I was playing in the hose with my nephew right before this pic was taken)




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