My 21 week bumpdate will be published tomorrow, but I wanted to share something new and exciting with all of you. I will be live streaming our gender reveal on Twitter on March 28th. My original plan was to live stream through YouTube, but due to some technical issues I started to look elsewhere. 

I stumbled across an app that will most probably be going viral in the next day or so called Meerkat. It’s an app that allows you to live stream videos straight to twitter. The beautiful part is, the app does not store the videos so once the stream is over, the video disappears (although you do have the option to save the video to your device). I believe that you can see the video without following me on Meerkat, but it’s easiest to see when I’m live if you have the app and follow me.

I would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I post regular updates all over the place 🙂 . You can follow me on various social media by clicking the links:






I will be starting live streams soon, so make sure to follow for sneak peaks, behind the scenes footage and a lot of fun!


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