My First Real Pregnancy Complaint

While I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity I have been given, I am finally ready to express my first real complaint. I HATE maternity pants! Really I hate wearing anything on the lower half of my body right now. 

First and foremost, what the hell is up with the band!?!? I realize that the band is there to help keep the pants up, but it’s really uncomfortable and gets in the way. After having 3 abdominal surgeries, the smaller bands rub on my scars and belly the wrong way leaving my skin an irritated mess. The thicker bands in my opinion work a bit better, but once you get them over the bump you have to deal with bunching and adjusting when you put your shirt down. Not only that but I’ve peed myself (lovely image, I know) more times than I can count because I can’t get the pants down without first damn near taking my top off. A minute long trip to the bathroom now takes about 5 because I have to fully undress and redress each time I need to use it……which is a lot nowadays.

Secondly, I’m constantly having to pull the pants up. There is no waistband for obvious reasons, other than the strip of stretchy material at the top. It makes for a really long day pulling your trousers up everytime you stand up or move. Sometimes I wish I could put on a belt or something but then you fall into the can’t get my pants down in time conundrum. 

Thank goodness the weather is getting nicer. I think I’ll have more luck with dresses.


8 thoughts on “My First Real Pregnancy Complaint

  1. Amen, I hate pants right now too! All I can say is Gap maternity, normally located in the Baby Gap. They have regular style pants with button and zipper, but they have stretchy material on the side. They’re called the inset panel. They sit under your belly and they’re really comfy – I got mine a size up for comfort. Pair them with a long loose shirt or a long camisole and you’re set.

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  2. Yoga pants are SO much better! Target has some GREAT ones that are affordable and are ridiculously comfortable. I’m not a fan of ANY maternity clothes… Especially the pants!

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  3. Lol I actually love maternity pants. Particular jeans. I like how it hugged my stomach & kept me tight and in place.
    You could try a big belt to thread through the belt loops to hold them up. I also lived in tights.


  4. Thats so funny cuz I used to feel lie they were so useless…. until I actually bought one! hahahaha I love my preggo pants, its so comfy!! My mom wants to buy a pair too LOL shes not prego btw


  5. This is exactly how I feel. I hate maternity pants too. I like the belly smoothing they do but most of the time they are just uncomfortable. I keep thinking as I get bigger it will get better but so far I’m wrong. I own one pair of demi wasted maternity pants that are awesome but can’t find them anywhere! I feel you. Jessica Simpsons are way more secure.


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