Assault With A Fizzy Candy


This is my buddy, my 4 year old nephew. I like hanging out with him, and he likes hanging out with me. Today we were having a pretty good day until……… I almost killed him with pop rocks.

You know the fizzy candies that pop and crackle in your mouth? I recently introduced my nephew to them and we were sharing a pack. I would pour a few in his mouth and wait for the popping to stop before pouring more in. Well, the thing about feeding a 4 year old pop rocks is they tend to get the packet moist. I went to pour some more candy out but it got stuck. I gave a good shake and way too much went in his mouth. The poor guy started screaming and crying! The only thing I could think was to have him rinse his mouth, so my mom helped him swoosh water around in his mouth and spit. On the way to the bathroom he said something that broke my poor hormonal heart. He said, “why did auntie do this to me?”

When his mouth was clear, he was still crying a bit but was still asking why I hurt him. Let me tell you, I cried so hard. Just the thought of my buddy thinking that I would intentionally cause him pain is enough to seriously break my heart. It took him a few minutes, but he finally forgave me. Before leaving, he gave me a big hug and asked me for a “good kiss.” 

As my mom was taking both of my nephews to go pick up my dad from work and have a slumber party, he told my mom that his head sounded like pop, pop, pop and then he started to laugh. I guess he survived pop rocks just in time for our annual peep season.


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