OB Appointment and Ultrasound Scare

I think we all know how I feel about my Ob appointments. After checking in, Ronny and I sat in the waiting room for less than 5 minutes before being called back. I had my weight checked (112 pounds on the dot) and blood pressure monitored (97/68) and was taken to the room. The resident came in a few minutes later and we talked a bit about the preeclampsia watch, my vomiting and a lump on my nipple. Very surprisingly she then actually measured my uterus! I’m measuring at 20 weeks, which she said is perfect. I asked about the glucose test and said I would prefer to do it the next time I come in. I guess the protocol is that they give me the drink at the beginning of my appointment and then draw blood at the end of the appointment. Considering I am only there for about 25 minutes I don’t know how that is going to work, but whatever. 

Unfortunately the appointment didn’t go perfectly smoothly. First off, they are still asking me if I want to go to the hematologist to figure out a plan for delivery. I was pretty angry because at the last appointment, Ronny called them out on the perceived lack of care and we (I thought) had a plan in place. Well…….they keep saying the same thing and I think I did a really good job at politely telling them that I would not be going to hematology for a “plan,” and that I feel most comfortable having uterotonics in the room ready to go. This doctor said that she would make a note to follow up with dosing requirements and make note not to ask me again. 

There was also apparently an issue with the anatomy scan that no one told us about until today. There is a problem with baby’s heart and stomach being on the same side, but they can’t tell if it was a mislabel by the ultrasound tech or if there is actually a problem. They tried to do another ultrasound today to check, but tiny tot was too wiggly to 100% gurantee everything is ok. They spent a really long time looking at the heart again today though. At this point I am going to say that everything is fine with the wee one and that the first ultrasound tech was just rushed and mislabeled right and left. 

We did get some pretty cute ultrasound photos that I will share when I get them uploaded.


6 thoughts on “OB Appointment and Ultrasound Scare

  1. I’m sorry you’re still having issues with them!! I wish they would keep track of things better for you. And hopefully someone just labelled things wrong, and everything is just fine with the baby!

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