20 Week Bumpdate

Week 20 has come and gone. I can’t believe that regardless of what happens at this point we have made it over half way. This past week we definetly had some major ups and some pretty scary times as well. This update is for 20 weeks to 20 weeks 6 days. 

How Far Along? – 21 weeks 

Current Weight/Weight Gain – Pre pregnancy weight was 101.6, Current weight is 111.8……weight gain thus far:  10 pounds 2 ounces. 

Meds Taken? – 4mg folic acid, 

Baby Size? – During the anatomy scan we were unable to get a length measurement but tiny tot Is roughly 10.5″ long. Baby weighed in at 13 ounces though.

What Happened With Baby This Week? – Baby is swallowing more and more fluid this week, which is busy building up meconium. If baby is a girl, her uterus is fully formed and her vaginal canal is starting to form. If tiny tot is a boy his testes are starting to descend and are waiting for the scrotum to finish growing. 

Symptoms? – I still have a lot of the same stuff as far as symptoms go, so rather than be redundant I’m only going to list the new stuff. First up was my vision going blurry several times a day. This is accompanied by headaches and mind fog. I’ve also been experiencing upper abdominal cramping and swelling.

 Cravings? – still nothing.  

Best Moment This Week? – there were so many great moments this week. We got to see baby on the ultrasound and confirmed the gender. We also got to tell our parents what we were having. 

Looking Forward To Next Week? – finishing up last minute baby shower stuff

Missing? – being able to wear my wedding ring

Belly Picture Starting waist – 27″ current waistline 35.5″ up 8.5″ overall.       



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