Anatomy Scan

Warning to those ttc: this post contains ultrasound photos

Today was our 20 week anatomy scan. The day started off pretty rough. We got to the hospital about 15 minutes early and were informed that our ultrasound technician called out sick. They did have another tech there and we were seen about 30 minutes after our original time. While we were waiting, I ran to the bathroom twice to throw up. 

When it was our turn we were whisked into a room and the scan started immediately. My husband missed about 2 minutes of the scan trying to get the camera set up. Baby started out with its head up under my right rib cage and the body curled around to the left with the feet over by my right hip. The fluid levels were perfect…..not too much and not too little (take that docs that say drink more water). 

The first thing we saw was baby’s face. I can’t believe how very baby s/he looked! Baby had its hands covering it’s face, but we were able to see a huge yawn and a face scratch before the ultrasound tech wiggled my tummy and baby moved its arms. In the picture we were able to see the d tire face, the eye socket and the iris and pupil. 

The ultrasound tech then measured the head  and looked at baby’s internal organs.  She spent awhile  on the heart so I’m not sure if she saw something concerning or if it was just the position baby was in that made it difficult to see what she needed. She said everything looked good there. She also measured the baby’s abdominal circumference and took a look at the stomach, kidneys and umbilical cord. All looked great. 

As the tech tried to move down to measure femur length, tiny tot curled into a tight ball and made it difficult for her to ge the shots she needed. We were able to see the wee ones feet though……

While we were trying to find a good potty shot, tiny tot rolled over so his/her head was by my right hip and the legs stretched across my ribs. This is the position we were left with. 

When the scan was done I ran over to the trash can to puke.  Overall everything looks really great and we are right on track. One note is that in the first 4 scans I had done I was told I had a posterior placenta… 18 weeks I was told that the placenta was on the side (neither anterior or posterior) and today the ultrasound tech said that my placenta is anterior. I’m not sure why it’s moved but it’s ok. The ultrasound tech seemed surprised that I could feel movement. 



11 thoughts on “Anatomy Scan

  1. Great pics! At my last ultrasound they spent a lot of time measuring the heart as well, so maybe since it’s such a delicate area that’s got lots of different moving parts and pieces they spend extra time there. I love anatomy scans cause you get to see babe for so long! I’m glad everything looks so good! Can’t wait to hear gender!!!! XO

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