I’m Very Mad At You Right Now

Seven words that will break any persons heart. These seven words my nephew spewed out of his mouth like fire today when I told him to give me kisses I was going bye-bye. Those seven words broke my heart and filled my eyes with tears. You see, my nephew and I are buddies. We play together, watch movies together, take about 1000 selfies a day together, snack together, snuggle and just have a blast.

When I was working, my nephew begged me every morning to stay at my parents house and play with him. He would cry when I walked out the door, and run to me when I got back.I wish I could have taped the look on his face when I told him I no longer had to go to work, that I could stay and play with him all day. He was nothing but smiles for days. Every morning he tells my mom (who baby sits him and his 9 month old brother) that he is going to go downstairs and wake Auntie up so he can snuggle and play. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have woken up to “Auntie, are you awake?” being yelled down the stairs. This is the same nephew that I puked on, who now reminds me every day to puke in the toilet, not on him.

We didn’t have a spectacular day today. All in all, it was actually quite a boring day. We started the day with a sausage McMuffin and a small frappe from McDonalds. I seem to have gotten the kid hooked on coffee and its easier to get him his own small one than to “share” a large with Auntie.

I also fed his little brother……but apparently I need some practice. The poor kid had some sort of noodle with carrot sauce all over his face, and got poked in the eye with some pear blueberry puree.

 We sat in the car while my mom ran some errands, and my nephew played on my iPad.

When we got back to my parents house, we played for a bit and my husband arrived to take me home. I told my nephew give me some smooches, I was going to go home and he told me very calmly, and matter of factly, that he was “very mad at you right now.” Apparently he wasn’t done playing yet. I started to cry. He came over, gave me a big smooch and told me he wasn’t mad any more. I promised I would come play with him all day on Monday.


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