Cleaning and Pregnancy

The deal I made with Ronny when I chose to become a stay at home mom was that I would keep the house clean and try to look for a way to earn a bit of extra income from home. I’m trying to stay true to that promise, but pregnancy has really gotten in the way. In the 7 weeks that I have been on personal leave, I have gotten half the laundry done (it’s a work in progress). That’s it. Nothing else has been cleaned, I haven’t made any money and I pretty much just hang out in bed all day. Yesterday I was feeling pretty froggy and decided to tackle the bathroom.

Don’t judge! I have a habit of not putting things away. 

As you can see, I have things stuffed in drawers, laying on the counter and stacked into a laundry basket. What you don’t see is the stack of towels that need to be put away, a 24 pack of mini bottles of water used when I puke, a plastic bag full of fingernail polish and a scale. My husband trips over these things daily. In fact his morning is riddled with a fine choice of words for the mess I have created.

I started cleaning at 9am. I removed everything, and I mean everything, from the bathroom so I could give everything a good scrub. Let me tell you, carrying all that crap from the bathroom to the living room took a lot of time and energy. I scrubbed the shower, toilet, sink, counters and floors. While the bathroom was drying I set to work “organizing” everything.  I tossed a lot of stuff and then put everything back.

I worked really hard all day to get the done. Of course I overworked myself and could barely move the rest of the day, and my ass and legs are still sore. It was all worth it to see the look on Ronnys face when he walked into the bathroom.

Now if I could just get to the laundry……..


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