Update on the OB Issue

In my previous post, Confusion has Set In and I need Help, I discuss the problem I have faced with choosing to continue to solely see the high risk Ob or be co-managed with a midwife. I struggled with what The midwife could do that the high risk Ob isn’t doing, and why the high risk Ob is providing the same cRe I could get with the midwife. 

After reading through all of your amazing comments and asking questions I think I have finally made a decision (although that may change in a few weeks). I am going to bullet point the list as I think it will be easier to follow the key points.

  • It seems as if all prenatal appointments are pretty much the same regardless of whether you see a midwife, regular Ob, or high risk Ob. The only difference I am able to see between them is the extra scans that a person in a high risk setting should receive. Since the appointments are all so similar, I have decided to stick with the high risk ob’s and advocate for more scans and any testing I feel is necessary.
  • Speaking of testing: almost everyone responded to my previous post saying that they had their urine checked everytime they went to the doctor. Studies have actually shown that urine testing is an unnecessary test, as there are other factors that would indicated a problem long before the problem would reach your urine stream. If I absolutely felt like I needed a urinalysis I am sure they would perform one, but it is not routine at my clinic.
  • I was asked by Mindy who was actually going to be delivering my tiny person. At the time I had no clue…….no one ever spoke about that with me. Well, I asked when I was in OB intake for the bleeding. Because Denver Health is a teaching hospital, pretty much everyone sees a variety of team members during their pregnancy. Unless something is going majorly wrong, you won’t actually see a doctor very often. In addition the residents, attendings and doctors rotate between the clinic and the labor and delivery ward (which is why you see different people). During labor and delivery I will have a team of residents, attendings and an actual doctor, but I won’t know who it will be until the time comes for baby to be born. If I were to see a midwife, I would see solely the midwife but when it came to delivery my team would consist of nurses and a midwife (not the one I would have seen all pregnancy). The benefit to seeing a different person each time I come in is that I will have met anyone who would be delivering, and they would be knowledgeable about my specific needs having seen me in clinic.
  • Another common theme from the comments in my previous post, was the need for a hospital delivery. No one really suggested otherwise, but I wanted to explain why a home birth is possibly detrimental to my health. The bleeding disorder that I have is extremely rare: one in 7 billion in fact. There have only been a handful of pregnancies with this bleeding condition. All of the pregnancies experienced hemmorage and severe blood loss during delivery (and also showed an increase in bleeding during pregnancy). Each pregnancy required uterotonics and some even needed multiple transfusions . If I give birth at home, or don’t make it to the hospital on time, there is a very good chance that I could bleed out before I could get help. It’s safer for both of us if I give birth in the hospital.

There are still plenty of things I need to learn about pregnancy, labor and delivery. Things will slowly and surely come together. Thank you for your help, suggestions and support 🙂


3 thoughts on “Update on the OB Issue

  1. I’m glad everyone here was able to help you make your decision. I truly hope that things go smoothly for you both for the rest of your pregnancy, and through your delivery.


  2. Your bleeding disorder certainly complicates things! I can’t imagine how nervous you must be! I’m glad you’re in capable hands


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