High Risk OB Appointment

Today Ronny and I went to the doctor for a follow up with the high risk Ob. The appointment went a lot differently than I thought it would, but thanks to my husband I think we got some of my concerns with the lack of care I have been receiving out in the open and they will do a better job in the future.

We arrived to the hospital (I go to the women’s care clinic at the hospital because they are more equipped to handle my various medical needs) at 8:15 for my 8:20 appointment. I was whisked in by the nurse where I had my weight checked (107lbs) and blood pressure 86/59 (they said it was a bit low and I was probably dehydrated) before taking me into the room. The resident came in pretty quickly and asked me how the vomiting is, and if I have any concerns. We talked about the pelvic pain and chest pains, she listened to my heart and used the doppler on the wee one and then checked with her superior to make sure I was good to go.

When the resident came back into the room things went in an unexpected direction. The doctor told me I needed to make an appointment with hematology to discuss my blood disorder and the pregnancy and made it seem like they really didn’t know what was going to happen for delivery. At this point I pretty much lost my shit and asked them why the original plan changes every time I come in to see them. The original plan at 9 weeks was to go to the hospital in early labor so they had time to get the medications needed to stop the bleeding and then to have all of the medication on hand in the delivery room to stop the bleeding if I need it. Then the plans changed each time so when I went in today there wasn’t a clear cut plan of action in place. I informed the doctor pretty clearly that I am most comfortable with the first plan we had and do not want to alter that plan again.

My husband then opened up about how I have been feeling like I am going to a high risk Ob for a reason and I feel like I am receiving less actual care than a lot of people in the blogging and support worlds. The doctor apologized profusely, gave me the backdated testing information and said to call if I have any questions.

The appointment ended with a visit from the chronic pelvic pain nurse who is going to talk to the head of midwives and see if I can be co-managed because the midwives are more personal and less clinical. She also let me know that the pelvic belt the physical therapist recommended is something the hospital can’t get, so I would need to order it online. I found it for $35 with free shipping on Amazon and it should be here the 25th.

Upcoming appointments:
March 12th: Anatomy Scan
March 16th: high risk Ob follow up
March 25th: pelvic pain appointment


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