Pelvic Pain Appointment – PGP/SIJ and SPD

Today was yet another follow up with the chronic pelvic pain doctor I have been seeing for 3.5 years. Over the past 3.5 years, we have worked together to decrease the amount of chronic pain I feel through the use of trigger point injections and nerve blocks. I usually go in every 4-6 weeks for a new round of injections. Since becoming pregnant, we are no longer able to do the nerve blocks, but are still doing the trigger point injection directly to the left of (and sometimes into the scar on) my belly button. A nerve there has gotten trapped in some scar tissue and is causing a great deal of everyday pain.

Anyways, today we went in for the belly button trigger point and the doctor was asking me about my pregnancy (she is originally the doctor who sent me to the RE after my 3rd miscarriage). I was telling her that my pubic bone and lower back have been killing me despite the use of the Fah Hah she had me try last month. After some poking, prodding, and tests she diagnosed me with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) also known as Sacroiliac Joint Pain (SIJ), and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).


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Pelvic Girdle Pain is characterized by a general ache in the lower back, accompanied by shooting pains down the butt and into the legs and hips. PGP is made worse by standing, walking, laying flat on your back and standing up from a sitting position. Its most often worse at night, and can make lying down painful. It can happen anytime during pregnancy. Mine happened to start being overly painful about halfway through the first trimester.

Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction is characterized by pain on the pubic bone when touched, along with pain in the lower abdomen, hips, thighs and groin. Any activity in which you use your pelvis is incredibly painful, especially walking, climbing stairs and lifting legs. SPD is caused by the ligaments attached to the pelvic bone becoming too relaxed and causing instability in the pelvis.

Both of these issues are not that common, SPD being more uncommon that PGP. Treatment for both is the same, the use of a pelvic support belt to hold everything together. It goes right around your hips to stabilize all of the ligaments and joints, immediately providing pain relief and stability.

I was given a pelvic support belt at the doctor today, but it is about a foot too long and about 6″ too wide for my body. The physical therapist is going to look and see what she can order and get in by Thursday, otherwise I will need to purchase a separate belt from The belt that they are trying to find is a Serola Sacroiliac Belt that basically wraps around my hips just below where a belt would be worn, to stabilize my pubic bone and sacroiliac joint. It’s $44.99 with free shipping from Amazon.


Please pray that the hospital is able to order one in and that it provides the relief that I have been searching for.


5 thoughts on “Pelvic Pain Appointment – PGP/SIJ and SPD

  1. Wow… was going to like this post but I don’t really like it at all! At least they know what is going on, and there is something that will (hopefully) give you the relief that you need and deserve! Really, $45 isn’t too bad to give you comfort and relief. Fingers crossed that they can find you one soon to help you out!


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